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High School Credits and College Requirements

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1 High School Credits and College Requirements
LESSON TARGET(S)  Different kinds of financial aid Basic financial aid process MEASURE(S) OF SUCCESS Students will be able to:  Identify the implications of the different kinds of financial aid MATERIALS NEEDED  PowerPoint Student Worksheet and financial aid cards FACILITATOR NOTES The workshop has two components. The first component is a whole group true and false exploration of some of the popular myths about the cost of college and financial aid. The second part asks students to organize the types of financial aid into free money and money that a student has to repay. The second component can be done as a whole group, in small groups, or with students working independently.

2 Mapping Your Future Set the bar high! Be prepared to achieve your career and college dreams!

3 Credits! Course credit is the recognition that a course of studies (what you have been studying) has been successfully completed. Course grades must be a D or better!

4 = Credits One Semester of successful work .5 credits
Course credits usually are figured on a semester basis where One Semester of successful work = .5 credits

5 Required High School Credits
Washington State Graduation Requirements for Class of 2016 and beyond Career and College Ready 24

6 Let’s Do the Math 24 Credits needed for graduation
Divided by .5 (how credit is earned) Divided by four years Divided by two semesters each year How many courses do you need to take and successfully complete each semester to be ready for graduation?

7 Two Kinds of Credit-bearing Courses
Required Courses (credit) English Math Science Social Studies Arts World Language Health and Fitness Occupational Education Elective Courses (credit) Additional courses you choose

8 Career and College Credit Options
Two-for-One in 2016 Students may earn one credit and satisfy two graduation requirements (one academic and one career and technical) by completing a career and technical course determined by the school College Tech Prep High school Tech Prep courses meet the entry-level course requirements of comparable college courses at local community and technical colleges.

9 Career and College Credit Options
Advanced Placement Courses Advanced Placement courses are college level courses offered in the high school. Students in AP courses may earn college credit or advance placement if they perform well on rigorous national AP tests. Running Start Current Washington State legislation allows high school students to attend their local community college or technical school and simultaneously earn high school credit and college credit.

10 Exploring the Course Catalog
How many credits in this area are needed for graduation? Is the number of credits suggested different if you want to go to a four-year college/university? What different kinds of course opportunities are available? What courses might be most helpful if you are looking at a career/technical program? What courses fit the Tech Prep criteria? Are there Advanced Placement courses?

11 Be Career and College Ready in 2016 and Beyond!
Give Yourself Advice Be Career and College Ready in 2016 and Beyond! What does your course selection need to look like as you build your High School and Beyond Plan? What do you need to have in place to be ready to meet your dreams of a technical program, two-year or four-year college program?

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