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Anad Equipos para Clinicas y Spa’s

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1 Anad Equipos para Clinicas y Spa’s
Website: Medical CE1023 and ISO13485:2003

2 Sobre Anad Anad Equipos para Clinica y Spa’s., es uno de los mayores vendedores y líder especializada en la venta de dispositivos basados ​​en la luz pulsada y radiofrecuencia. Fundada en 1999, ofrecemos una amplia gama de equipos para tratamientos no quirúrgico, no invasivos, equipos para todo tipo de soluciones láser médicas y estéticas. Bienvenido gracias por visitarnos! Esperamos tener relaciones comerciales a largo plazo y mutuamente beneficiosas con usted!

3 Diode Laser(808nm) workstation
Work Theory -Super Hair Removal (SHR): It is also called superepilation with reference to repeated and fast emission of pulses of low energy, that progressively heat the chromophores without damaging the skin. This technology is used with Diode Laser systems and with Intense Light systems -Light Energy Optimization (LEO): It is also called optimization of luminic energy, and it is based in turn, on two concepts: *Equal Distribution of Fluence (EDF): So called, with reference to the fact that these technologies allow to eliminate the energy peaks emitted per pulse, in intense light systems, since those peaks are the cause of unwanted effects such as burns and pain. By using this technology, every pulse that is emitted by the system is made of many micro pulses without emission peaks, so the energy is evenly distributed and best used, which in turn will allow to work with lower fluence, and achieve better results, avoiding the unwanted effects previously mentioned *Advanced Fluorescent Therapy (AFT): So called, with reference to the fact that most lamps emitting intense light do so, in a wide range of wavelength, including the ultraviolet spectrum, always unnecessary for the majority of the treatments carried out. By means of a fluorescence filter we can convert ultraviolet rays into a spectrum which is both visible and useful in our treatments, optimizing, this way, the therapeutical emission of light, reducing at the same time the fluences usually used..

4 808nm Diode Laser workstation Med-820
Content 1. Images 2. Operating interface 3. Hand piece 4. Scanning Graphic 5. Applications 6. Inner structure 7. Advantages 8. Technical Specifications 9.Training&After-sale service 10. Contact information

5 Handpiece Professional hand piece Medical laser standard

6 Application Diode A Standard In Laser Hair Removal
It offers the "Gold Standard" in Laser Hair Removal. This state-of-the-art laser effectively and safely treats all skin types. Including tanned skin, the broadest range of hair colors, diameters and depths.

7 Advantages Safety and Efficacy
Treats all skin types including tanned skin, most hair colors, depths and diameters Safe and fast treatment "Gold Standard" for hair removal: permanent hair removal

8 Features Firstly  : The treatment handle is imported from Germany , there is no problem to use it for 5 years .                The laser generator is in the handle , it is easy for machine's maintenance . Special handle design .  Secondly : Our machine has  four cooling systems which can ensure the effective cooling.                 A : Special semiconductor cooling system .                 B : Sapphire skin contact cooling system, so the laser head is °C ~ -10°C                 C : Unique water flow structure ensure the good water cooling effects.                  D : Special radiator (this radiator also with semiconductor cooling), so the water can maintain a low temperature, so that the machine can work continuously with a long time.  Thirdly : Very stable internal technical and engineering structure which can ensure the stable function .             A : there is a metal frame which can fasten the machine's internal structure .               B : the machine with three separate power suppliers, they can ensure signal stable transmission and stable and powerful laser energy output. C: water cooling. Powerful water pump, water filtering system, water flow sensor and water temperature sensor, the pure water can make sure long lasting working and long life of the system. Fourthly, the machine has automatic checkout systems, self-preservation systems They can ensure machine working stable and long life.

9 Technical specifications
Laser Type Diode laser Wavelength 810nm Spot size 12 *12 mm2 Pulse width ms( adjustable) Energy Density 1-120J/cm2(adjustable) Pulse Frequency 0.5-10Hz Cooling system Close-cycle water cooling and sapphire contact cooling for laser head is +2°C ~ -10°C Power supply 220V±22V, 10A Weight 60 kgs Size 50 cm*50 cm*105cm

10 Warranty & Training & After-Sale service
2 years ex factory under normal and proper operation; free labor and material but without consumables parts. (since our great confidence of our machine) There is a professional international after-sale service team, who can provide you 24 hours after-sale service and technical supports, it’s made up of professional engineers who are specialized in solving after-sale problems. It’s necessary because our distributors and OEMs need this service too. There is a copy user’s manuals for detailed instructions on the introduction, the operation, the maintenance, etc.

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