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Application of light rays to the skin for the treatment of disorders

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1 Application of light rays to the skin for the treatment of disorders
Light Therapy Application of light rays to the skin for the treatment of disorders

2 Effects of various kinds of Light Therapy
Ultraviolet Beneficial effects Increases the elimination of waste products Improves the flow of blood & lymph Has a germicidal & antibacterial effect Produces vita min D in the skin Can be used to treat rickets (soft & deformed bones ), psoriasis & acne Produces a tan

3 Effects of various kinds of Light Therapy
Infrared Beneficial effects Heats & relaxes the skin Dilates blood vessels & increases circulation Produces chemical changes Increases metabolism Increases production of perspiration & oil Deep penetration relieves pain in sore muscles Soothes nerves

4 Effects of various kinds of Light Therapy
White light Beneficial effects Relieves pain in the back of the neck & shoulders Produces some chemical & germicidal effects Relaxes muscles

5 Effects of various kinds of Light Therapy
Blue light Beneficial effects Soothes nerves Improves skin tone Provides some chemical & germicidal effects Used for mild cases of skin eruptions Produces little heat

6 Effects of various kinds of Light Therapy
Red light Beneficial effects Improves dry, scaly wrinkled skin Relaxes muscles Penetrates the deepest Produces the most heat

7 Light Therapy Artificial light rays are produced by an electrical apparatus called a therapeutic lamp In some states it is illegal to cause visible muscle contractions with faradic or sinusoidal currents. Always check w/your regulatory agency

8 CAUTION: For high-frequency current, either direct or indirect, the same contraindications apply as for galvanic current In addition, the client should avoid any contact w/metal, such as chair arms, stools, jewelry, & metal bobby pins during the treatment A burn may occur if such contact is made

9 CAUTION: Client’s eyes always should be protected during any light ray treatment Use cotton pads saturated w/alcohol-free freshener or distilled water The eye pads protect the eyes from the glare of the reflecting rays

10 CAUTION: DO NOT use faradic or sinusoidal currents if it causes pain or discomfort, if the face is very ruddy (red in color), or if your client has gold-filled teeth, high blood pressure, broken capillaries, or pustular skin conditions Never use faradic or sinusoidal currents longer than 15 – 20 minutes

11 CAUTION: Tesla high-frequency current should not be used on clients who are pregnant, suffer from epilepsy (seizures) or asthma or who have high blood pressure, a sinus blockage, a pacemaker, or metal implants

12 Visible light Electromagnetic radiation that we can see
Also called “radiant energy” Visible light makes up 35% of natural light Ultraviolet rays & infrared rays are forms of electromagnetic radiation

13 Visible light Violet has the shortest wavelength & red has the longest
Primary source of light used for facial and scalp treatments Bulbs used for therapeutic visible light therapy are white, red, and blue White light referred to as “combination light” benefits of all the rays of the visible spectrum Blue light should only be used on oily skin that is bare contain few heat rays, is the least penetrating some germicidal & chemical benefits Red light used on dry skin in combination with oils & creams penetrates the deepest & produces the most heat

14 Therapeutic lamps Used to produce artificial light rays in the salon
Capable of producing the same rays that are produced by the sun Three effects produced by therapeutic lamps are: Thermal ( heat ) Mechanical Chemical

15 Ultraviolet rays (UV) Make-up 5% of natural sunlight and are also referred to as cold rays or actinic rays Least penetrating rays Produce chemical effects Kill germs

16 Ultraviolet rays (UV) Exposure to the sun can be beneficial if guidelines are followed Natural sunlight kills germs and produces vitamin D in the skin Stimulates the skin’s production of melanin, which causes a tan and helps protect the skin from further damage But deep tanning is another matter It is a sign that the skin is under attack from UV radiation

17 Ultraviolet rays (UV) Over 1 million new cases of skin cancer are diagnosed each year Estimated that 1 in 5 will develop skin cancer & 90% of those cancers will be the result of exposure to UV radiation from the sun and from tanning beds

18 Infrared rays Make up 60% natural light sunlight Long wavelengths
Penetrate the deepest Produce the most heat

19 Did You Know…….. Although salon lighting is not a form of light therapy, the quality of this light can have an effect on your work and your client’s satisfaction Fluorescent light is produced by fluorescent lamps and is much cooler (green-blue) than natural sunlight Incandescent light is produced by standard (tungsten) light bulbs and is warmer (yellow-gold) than either natural sunlight or fluorescent light

20 Did You Know…….. Your client’s hair and skin will appear more green-blue when viewed with fluorescent lighting and more golden when viewed with incandescent lighting Take caution when handling fluorescent light bulbs; they contain dangerous substances, including mercury Be careful not break fluorescent bulbs, and dispose of used bulbs properly

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