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Proudly Introducing…. Presented by: Dianne Colace Nurse Practitioner & CEO.

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1 Proudly Introducing…. Presented by: Dianne Colace Nurse Practitioner & CEO

2 All About Laser Hair Removal Differences in Laser vs. IPL Introduction to BARE Before and After Pictures Important Tips when Choosing A Laser Center Benefits of LHR at Bare

3 ~A Laser is device that emits a wavelength of light. These light waves end up as heat inside the skin causing hair follicle deactivation where the hair grows. The light energy is only absorbed into the very surface layers of the skin, leaving surrounding tissue unaffected by the laser energy.

4 This gives hair follicles time to shed post treatment and allows hair follicles that were not in the active growth phase to transition back to the active growth phase.

5 -Laser emits synchronized light waves of the same wavelength, providing very specific and intense targeted energy delivery to the hair follicle. It is a high technology based light source that is able to focus in on the hair follicle. -IPL defined in encyclopedia: Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) epilators (electrical device) though technically not containing a Laser, use Xenon Flash Lamps that emit full spectrum light. IPL-based methods are now commonly (but incorrectly) referred to as "laser hair removal". IPL on the emits a spectrum of various wavelengths of light scattering throughout the surrounding tissue.

6 IPL Candela Laser

7 Candela LasersIntense Pulsed Light -Class 4 non ablative laser specifically for hair removal. Incorrectly classified as a Laser. The energy is produced by a lamp, a little like a light bulb, and produces a variety of light waves, meaning that it is more diffuse and less powerful. It is usually limited to use on fairer skin types. -Specific wavelength of light based on skin type -The wavelength of light varies and scatters to surrounding tissue not concentrating the energy on hair follicles -The energy penetrates down to the end of follicle without damaging surrounding tissue. -May cause temporary shedding of the hair and some destruction of hair follicles, this is why some med spas market IPL for LHR -Permanent death of the hair follicle when hair is in the active growth phase at time of treatment. -Many have reported that the hair does come back after a number of treatments -Effective results; Safe for all skin typesIPLs have various wavelengths of light making it not safe for dark skin types

8 We are a state of the art medical facility close to home specializing solely in Laser Hair Removal! Quality care and results are our top priorities!


10 ~ Board Certified Nurse Practitioner licensed to practice in MA and RI. ~ Education: Fitchburg State College & Northeastern University ~ Background: I have worked in a variety of medical areas such as Cardiology, Primary Care, Acute Care and Laser Hair Removal. ~ Laser Hair Removal is not just a luxury or time saver in the shower everyday, for many its a necessity. ~ I truly love what I do and enjoy helping my patients at Bare feel confident about themselves!

11 The laser technology we use at Bare is FDA approved Gold Standard/ State of the Art Laser specifically for Hair Removal. Our Candela laser is a class 4 non ablative laser and has a specific wavelength of light based on your skin type. Each wavelength of light used has various energy settings. Your NP will choose your wavelength of light and specific settings for your individual skin type and hair characteristics. When the laser is used, the energy is concentrated into the gage to penetrate right down to the end of the hair follicle while not damaging any surrounding tissue. This provides you with safe & effective results and the permanent death of the hair follicle if the hair is actively attached to the root at the time of treatment.




15 ~Since we are not able to know who will need more than 8 treatments, all Guests at Bare get 2 free touch ups to the area purchased per year after their initial 8 treatments. This is AMAZING! Some places will make you either purchase a whole new package or charge you for your touch ups. ~We strive for 100% guest satisfaction, and we want this to be the last laser hair removal package you will ever need to purchase.

16 ~Right Place: Medical Facility ~Right Treatment Provider: Medical Professional (Nurse Practitioner) ~Right Equipment: Class 4 FDA approved Candela Laser. ~Quality results ~Affordable Value: Getting the best quality and bang for your buck ~Touch ups: What does the facility offer for touch up treatments after your treatment sessions are over?

17 ~Here you will be cared for by a medical professionals who will know how to assess your skin type and appropriate settings to use. ~Know you will be safely treated with the right equipment. ~No need to drive to the city ~No more Razor Burn ~No more ingrowns ~No more shaving daily ~No more 5 oclock shadow ~No more painful stubble! ~Affordable payment options for everyone!


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