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TruProtect is a patented product

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2 TruProtect is a patented product
for shielding roofs from hail damage. for providing a noise barrier. for protecting from mold. for insulating attic and interior or exterior walls. for protection from fire and smoke damage

3 Origin of a Great Idea

4 Origin of a Great Idea 1982 TAMU student Moving

5 Problem Attic temp heats and cools entire house
Acts like a blast furnace during summer

6 Problem Must control attic temp! Insulate?
Keep heat out during summer cool inside Keep cold out during winter warmth inside Save money thru energy savings Save ozone layer? Help eliminate green house gases

7 Origin of a Great Idea Now that I know about the problem, how can it be fixed?

8 A Great Idea Stalls 1983 – Patent search 1932 – Conflict

9 A Great Idea Revisited 2002 Surely there has to be a way to reach the goal!

10 A Great Idea Reborn August 2005
Patent issued for hail damage prevention AND insulation sound barrier mold and fungus retardation fire retardation

11 All testing preformed following UL and ASTM specifications
All testing preformed following UL and ASTM specifications. All labs UL and ASTM certified.

12 Tests Conducted ASTM E84-04 Fire spread test
Omega Point Labs: San Antonio, Texas ASTM Thermal Test (R-factor) test Architectural Testing: St. Paul Minn. ASTM E90-04 Sound Transmission Loss Test Acoustics Systems: Austin , Texas UL 2218 Class 4 hail impact test Architectural Testing: Southlake, Texas ASTM D , ASTMD T Mold and Mildew Resistance Progressive Coatings: Jacksonville FL.

13 Insulation 4 times the R-factor of fiberglass
Reflects 98% of applied heat Stops heat-to-cold loss by 98% 6 dead air zones 7 reflective layers Less expensive than fiberglass Easy installation

14 Temperature directly under shingles – 222º

15 Temperature under TruProtect – 108º

16 Hail Damage Protection
Pads hail impact. Cushions to prevent structure damage. Tests indicate 50% less surface damage. Tests indicate 100 % less structure damage. Trampoline-like effect on hail stones.

17 Side by Side Class 4 Hail Impact Test

18 Impact Spots for Test

19 Noise Barrier 9 noise reflector surfaces 6 dead air zones
Combines to naturally soften noise. Highest STC number for ½″ material Weighs 8oz. per square foot

20 Sound Transmission Loss Test

21 Sound Chamber with TruProtect in Place

22 Protection from Mold and Fungus
No toxic chemicals Stops Black mold and fungal growth from developing Stops airborne allergens from these Healthier life style.

23 Fire Protection Class A fire rating Class A smoke rating
Tested at 1860o F Buys escape time to save lives. If a fire does develop, slows progression

24 Fire Test Tunnel

25 After 10 Minutes in 1860º Tunnel

26 Second 8 foot section barely touched

27 Installation Can be cut with a knife or saw.
Requires no protective clothing. No toxic particles emitted.

28 Most houses plywood decking rafters
asphalt saturated felt or tar paper shingles

29 Normal roof configuration

30 Houses with TruProtect

31 House with TruProtect Added to New Roof
rafters plywood decking TruProtect asphalt saturated felt shingles

32 House with TruProtect Added When Replacing Shingles
rafters plywood decking TruProtect asphalt saturated felt shingles

33 Roof configuration with TruProtect

34 Apply new roofing material over TruProtect

35 TruProtect is tough and durable

36 House with TruProtect Added in Walls
Exterior of home Apply to exterior of wall studs. Apply sheet of OSB or plywood. Wrap with Tyvak. Brick. Apply R-19 fiberglass to the interior stud spaces. The result is an exterior wall of R-47! Interior of home Apply TruProtect next to studs. Apply sheetrock over TruProtect. Texture and paint.

37 Photographs of Installation







44 Cost

45 Savings TruProtect saves money by—
Reducing heating and air conditioning expenses. Reducing the size of HVAC unit required. Estimates are that installation of TruProtect will pay for itself in 12 to 24 months. Saves energy Saves the environment New energy bill allows for at least $ in tax incentives for addition of more efficient insulation

46 Pricing Ask your TruProtect representative about contractor discounts that reduce the price of TruProtect to as low as $1.90 a square foot. All prices for FOB shipped from Lubbock, Texas.

47 With the cost of electricity increasing . . .

48 and with the cost of heating fuel increasing . .

49 Wouldn’t the addition of TruProtect make sense for your home or building?

50 Contact Information

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