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2 This is the first slide in the slide show, click each time you would like to go to the next slide. Thank you.

3 NRG Insulated Concrete Block The World’s Most Energy Efficient Block

4 NRG Insulated Concrete Block Winner of New York State Governor’s Award for Energy Excellence LEED Compatible

5 NRG block provides typical HVAC energy savings of over 60%, compared to same- size, common block buildings.

6 Continuous insulated thermal barrier creates a “building within a building”.

7 The “building within a building” creates interior walls with high insulated thermal mass, which absorb and store large amounts of energy. This increased heat capacity of the walls, along with the R-22 value of the block, delivers unparalleled HVAC energy efficiency.

8 Thermal Lag Time Time required for a material to reach a new constant rate of heat gain or loss. NRG block has a long thermal lag time. Building interiors stay warm or cool longer, without adding energy. Relative thermal lag times: NRG Wall:50 Hours Standard Block Wall 12 Hours Conventional Insulated Stud Wall 2 Hours

9 Insulated Thermal Mass *Limits the rate of temperature fluctuation. *Reduces peak loading time for heating and cooling. *Allows for installation of smaller capacity HVAC equipment, resulting in immediate savings.

10 NRG Insulated Block Can be produced on existing equipment, using our molds, by a developer’s preferred block-manufacturer. Sturdy as regular block. Fire resistant. Moisture and mildew resistant. Installs like conventional block. Arrives at the job site ready to use.

11 LOWER CONSTRUCTION COSTS Lower Construction Costs NRG block eliminates secondary steps: re-scaffolding additional insulation exterior/interior finishes. Construction schedules are accelerated. Walls and insulation are complete when the mason is done, providing substantial labor savings.


13 Multiple Finishes NRG block is made in standard dimensions with any architectural finish so it can be interspersed with conventional CMU for ease of construction.

14 Maximum thermal stability and environmental safety:  NRG inserts will hold the required insulation value and form if moisture is introduced.  NRG inserts are non-toxic and contain no formaldehyde.  NRG inserts use no hydro-fluorides during manufacturing. Environmentally Safe

15  Sound Transmission Class (STC) of 53+.  Shuts out street sounds.  Closes in manufacturing noise. Reduces Noise

16 NRG Insulated Block If you can construct an energy efficient, attractive, and sturdy building for the same cost as conventional block, why use any thing else? Now available in half-high block, which looks like brick, but performs like NRG.

17 Don Reed’s 6800 square foot market, Genesee, PA. Erected 1994, using NRG insulated block.

18 Multicolored blocks offer many aesthetic options.

19 Air conditioners were never installed or needed.

20 HVAC energy cost is $.31/sq ft annually.

21 Entire building heating cost less than $200/ month.

22 Single wall mounted unit heats the market.

23 Reduced capacity HVAC systems provide substantial material savings.

24 NRG insulated block provides quiet building interiors, even in high traffic locations.

25 Standard block used to wrap steel safety columns look identical to NRG block.

26 Frank Kennedy and Don Reed are pleased with building’s performance after 15 years.

27 NRG Insulated Block Saves Energy. Saves Money. Offers Rapid Return on Investment. Increases Profits. Reduces Our Carbon Footprint. Makes it Easy to Build Green. LEED Compatible.

28 Don Reed’s HVAC energy savings to date: $400 / month x 12 months x 15 years = $72,000 No air conditioner needed, saved another $10k. Total savings of $82,000, plus NRG Insulated Block produced a secure, quiet, fireproof, maintenance free building.

29 Per Square Foot of Wall Savings After 15 Years Energy and material savings = $82,000 $ 82,000 divided by 5500 sq ft of wall = $14.90/ sq ft of wall Initial installed cost less than $15 / sq ft of wall in1994. After 15 years, total cost of wall is recovered.

30 NRG Insulated Block pays for itself.

31 Real World Example Number Two: NRG Insulated Block can save National Chain $ 51.4 million dollars in ten years.

32 National Chain construction costs savings estimate: Steel stud and brick veneer with insulation, $ 26. / sq ft of wall. NRG Insulated Block, $ 20. / sq ft of wall. 9500 sq ft of wall x $6.00 savings /sq ft = $57,000 savings / store. 60 stores x $ 57k / store = $3.042 million/year 10 year construction savings $30.42 million. HVAC system savings- uses systems that require about one third the output as same-sized stores, provides additional savings.

33 National Chain HVAC Energy Savings Estimates: NRG estimates that our block will save National Chain $.53 / sq ft HVAC energy, or $6,360 / store annually, per 12,000 sq ft store. National Chain builds 60 stores/ year. 60 stores x $6,360 / store = $381,600 /year energy savings. Total HVAC energy savings after 5 years = $5.724 million. Total HVAC energy savings after 10 years = $20.988 million.

34 National Chain Total Savings from NRG Block 10 year Construction Cost Savings: $30.42 million 10 year HVAC Energy Cost Savings: $20.988 million Lighter Duty HVAC Equipment Savings: (Yet to be determined.) Total Energy / Construction Savings: $ 51.408 million





39 Allen Senior Housing, Jamaica, NY








47 NRG Insulated Block pays for itself.

48 Let NRG help you build green. Call Marty Walters (716) 947-9298 or e-mail www. NRG is the world’s most energy efficient block. Over 70 building owners have made the NRG choice.

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