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An Overview of the Production Process. -Stable Workforce -Controlled Environment -Less Waste -Repetitive Tasks -Lean Manufacturing Principles -Just-in-time.

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1 An Overview of the Production Process

2 -Stable Workforce -Controlled Environment -Less Waste -Repetitive Tasks -Lean Manufacturing Principles -Just-in-time Inventory -Quality Controls -Supplier Support -Volume Buying Power Factory-Built Housing The Most Efficient Building Method

3 Frame Construction Steel I-Beams roll into the plant to be welded into a frame.

4 Frame Construction Frame components are welded into place

5 Frame Construction Wheels and axles are installed

6 Frame Construction The frame is painted with a non-toxic, water-based paint

7 Frame Construction The serial number of the home is stamped and painted on the frame.

8 Frame Construction A completed frame

9 Floor Insulation The Bottom Board and Floor Insulation Are Installed prior to Installing the Floor System

10 The floor joists are laid in a preset template and nailed to the perimeter rail. Building the Floor

11 ¾ OSB Decking is installed. Building the Floor

12 For ease of installation, the plumbing system and floor ductwork is installed prior to placement on the frame. Building the Floor

13 Plumbing installation. (A view from the bottom side) Building the Floor

14 The floor is placed on the frame.

15 Building the Floor

16 The pipes are covered to ensure no debris gets into the water lines. Building the Floor

17 The floor covering is installed. A protective covering is placed over the flooring. Building the Floor

18 Walls are built on a table for efficiency. Insulation is installed. Wall Construction

19 Once complete, the walls are picked up by a crane system and installed. Wall Construction

20 Exterior walls may be up to 76 feet and installed by only two people! Wall Construction

21 A sidewall is ready to install. Wall Construction

22 The walls are done! Notice the house moves to the next station on a dolly system. Wall Construction

23 The roof is built on a table as well. Roof Construction

24 The ½ High-strength sheetrock ceiling is glued to the rafters. Overhead ducts are also installed at this point for ease of installation and accuracy. Roof Construction

25 The roof is then moved to the spray booth for the ceiling texture application. Roof Construction

26 Time to pick up the roof and install it on the home! Roof Construction

27 Fiberglass insulation is blown into the roof cavity per order. Roof Construction

28 Once the roof is installed the electrical wires are run in the roof cavity and the roof decking is installed. Roof Construction

29 OSB exterior wrap is installed. Exterior Siding

30 A moisture barrier is installed under all exterior siding for additional moisture protection. Felt paper is installed under the shingles. Exterior Siding

31 Windows and doors are installed. Additional moisture protection is installed under windows. Exterior Siding

32 Exterior siding is installed. Exterior Siding

33 Almost Done! Exterior Siding

34 Our cabinets are custom built to each order. This gives us greater flexibility when it comes to customization. Cabinets and Countertops

35 The countertops are built and cut to size in our cabinet shop. Cabinets and Countertops

36 Attention to detail is the name of the game when it comes to molding and final finish Molding and Final Finish

37 Time to clean up! Molding and Final Finish

38 The Home is Packaged for Transit

39 Ready to Ship

40 Houses are Dispatched for Transportation

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