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A passive investment towards improved control over energy costs.

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1 A passive investment towards improved control over energy costs

2 Controlling the temperature inside a building Energy costs escalating Most existing buildings not energy efficient Retro fitting can be costly Equipment replacement costly Must reduce energy consumption Maintenance influence energy consumption

3 More efficient equipment Introduction of renewable energy sources Improving insulation Reducing energy needed for heating and cooling Applying energy management

4 Many sources of heat: Equipment, people, sun Heat moves towards cold Heat transfer via conduction, convection and radiation Radiation is a major element Reflection Emissivity


6 Insulation materials Inverters, timers, friction reduction, direct drives, etc. NASA development for space craft Nano technology Ceramic Heat Barrier Coatings

7 Millions of hollow ceramic spheres in an acrylic binder Dead Air 40 µm ø Pure acrylic binder with rust preventing and anti-fungal agents – white titanium dioxide pigment 500 µm wft 325 µm dft CHBC

8 Reduction in radiated heat transfer From outside to inside when coated on outsides From inside to outside when coated on insides Reduction in conduction due to reduced radiation Reduction in thermal stress for substrate Reduction in energy consumption to regulate temperature

9 Outside of walls and roof Inside of walls and ceiling Piping for steam Ducting for air conditioning Equipment heat shields Warehousing spaces Tanks and storage vessels Load boxes of vehicles

10 35 C ambient temp. Internal Heat Load Reduction from 176 to 132 watts/sq.m 80% Reflectivity 20% Emissivity Galvanised Steel Roof Sheeting 0,5 mm thick Coated with 500 µm wft CHBC

11 Reduces interior heat of buildings by up to 45% Save electricity by using less air conditioning and refrigeration Greater indoor comfort during hot weather Greater indoor comfort during cold weather Stops thermal ageing by reducing heat load Insulates roofs at a fraction of the cost

12 Prevents rust, eliminates blistering, peeling & cracking Eco-friendly as it reduces dependence on electricity Easy and quick low-cost application Insulates hot surfaces to provide improved safety Is non toxic and therefore does not harm the environment Is rust and mildew resistant Repels moisture

13 Easy to clean with soap and water Abrasion resistant Flame resistant Can be used on a wide variety of surfaces Long life without degradation Can be applied in tight spaces where access is problematic Accidental blemishes can easily be repaired

14 Cooling load reduction = lower energy costs Heat load reduction = lower energy costs Improved corrosion protection = lower maintenance cost Reduced thermal stress = lower maintenance cost Wear and fungus resistance = lower maintenance cost Most payback periods less than 24 months Economic life of coating at least 10 years

15 Conclusion It pays to install a Ceramic Heat Barrier Coating Contact: Marius Cilliers 082 566 4921

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