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Biology Bio = life ology = the study of Molecular biology zoology

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1 Biology Bio = life ology = the study of Molecular biology zoology
botany ecology evolution genetics

2 Abiotic and biotic factors
Abiotic = NONLIVING Rocks, rain, river, soil, air, etc. All abiotic factors are recycled Conservation of mass Matter is neither created or destroyed Biotic = LIVING things Trees, cats, worms, insects, fish, humans Referred to as organisms

3 Biotic factors 5 characteristics 1. Complex and organized (order)
2. Use energy to maintain homeostasis 3. Grow and develop 4. reproduce 5. Adapt and respond

4 Why? Natural tendency towards entrophy
Increased state of disorder = loss of usable energy Organisms developed complex organization to use energy to maintain homeostasis (same state). This ability enables the organism to develop, grow and Most importantly, reproduce. Successful growth and reproduction also depends on an Organisms ability to adapt and respond to the environment

5 Biological themes Hierarchy of organization
Least complex  more complex includes emergent characteristics Kingdoms Monera  Protista Fungi  Plantae  Aniamlia Atom  molecule  organelles CELL  tissue  organ  Organ system  organism  population  Community  ecosystem  biosphere

6 Biological themes CELL The basic unit of life
The smallest unit that displays all five characteristics Of living things Prokaryotes simple Eucaryotes more complex

7 Biological themes DNA provides mechanism that allows information to be passed on from generation to generation . inheritance = continuity of life Structure and function are related On all levels

8 Organisms are open systems
Continuous with their environment Matter and energy cycled through biotic and abiotic Organisms interact with other organisms producers consumers

9 Biological themes Regulation Enzymes catalyze chemical reactions
Feedback mechanisms Positive feedback Negative feedback

10 Biological themes Diversity and unity Estimated 5-30 million species
Each species unique Scientists classify organisms based on similarities between species Identical molecular components exist in all organisms

11 Biological themes Classification Traditional 5 kingdom classification
Monera * Protista * Fungi * Plantae * Animalia More ‘accurate’ 3 domain system Bacteria * Archaea * Eukarya

12 Biological themes Evolution Life evolves Darwin’s natural selection
Individual variation Struggle for existence Differential reproductive success

13 Biological themes Hypothetico-deductice reasoning Deductive = if…then
Scientific method Science – Technology - Society Science and technology, good or bad, ARE a Part of modern society Multidisciplinary endeavor not independent from other fields of study

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