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Obtaining the Job You Want!

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1 Obtaining the Job You Want!
Resume Preparation & Interviewing Tips Sara Salsbury Marshfield Clinic Human Resources Department The mission of the Clinic is to serve patients through accessible, high quality health care, research and education.

2 Begin with an Impressive Cover Letter
Be brief and to the point. Spark the reader’s interest with your opening statement. State the title and number of the position for which you are applying. Describe one or two of your greatest qualifications for the position. Ask for action to be taken. Thank you!

3 Information to Include in a Resume
Personal data / contact information Employment objective Education Employment history Military history Unique skills Miscellaneous Reference page

4 Common Resume Mistakes
Too long Too short or sketchy Hard to read Wordy Spelling/grammatical errors Lacks career objective Dishonest Poor appearance

5 Completing Applications
Be simple and to the point. Be accurate and HONEST. Complete all sections (omissions = falsification). Be aware of spelling and grammar.

6 Completing On-line Applications
Become familiar with employer websites. Complete your application in advance. Set up alerts, if available. Verify application has been submitted. Check back for application status.

7 Preparing for the Interview
Review your background – how does it relate to this employer and type of work? Be able to state your career goals clearly. Identify education and work experience that qualifies you for the position. Research the organization.

8 Information Gathering
Size of company relative to industry Rate of growth Services offered Organizational culture Competition Organizational structure Locations/sites Mission statement

9 Where to Find this Information
Company literature / advertising Annual reports Website Word of mouth

10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before the Interview
Why did I choose a career in this area? How have my education and experiences prepared me for this role? How can I contribute to this organization? Why should I be the one hired? What did I learn from my clinical experience?

11 What Interviewers Look For
Initial impression Mannerisms Professionalism Relevant work experience Adaptability Leadership Productivity Relevant education Team work/leadership Accomplishments Interpersonal skills Communication skills Interest in position Enthusiasm Knowledge of company Questions Initiative Goals and Values Accountability

12 Interviewers will ask questions to determine your:
Questions Asked Interviewers will ask questions to determine your: Ability to perform in a position Willingness to learn Manageability

13 Negative Factors that May Lead to Rejection
Poor appearance Overbearing Inability to express self Lack of interest or enthusiasm Lack of poise or confidence Poor eye contact Evasiveness Late to interview

14 The Thank You Letter Thank the interviewer for the opportunity to meet and discuss the position. State the position for which you were interviewed. Include some of the conversational highlights. Clarify any information the interviewer may have requested (or items you may have forgotten to mention). Reaffirm your interest and enthusiasm.

15 Reference checks are always completed prior to offer and hire.
A Note on References Reference checks are always completed prior to offer and hire. One unfavorable reference may ruin your chances of being hired. List references who know you on a professional level.

16 Pre-Employment Contingencies
Reference Checks Program Director/Instructors Clinical mentors Past/Current supervisors Drug Screen Education/Certification Verification Background Checks Caregiver checks Criminal history CCAP Driving Record

17 Always demonstrate professionalism!
On the Job Always demonstrate professionalism! Dress appropriately for position. Attendance and punctuality are important. Display a positive attitude. Teamwork!

18 Questions?

19 Break into groups of two 15 minute interviews
Mock Interviews Break into groups of two 15 minute interviews Give feedback

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