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4 Roadmap Welcome Introductions Housekeeping Materials Objectives Expectations.

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2 4 Roadmap Welcome Introductions Housekeeping Materials Objectives Expectations

3 Helpful hint Think like the hiring manager and ask yourself throughout the interview, “Why should they hire me?” Do your answers make you the best candidate?

4 5-6 What is the hiring manager looking for? How does the employer screen a candidate during an interview?

5 5 Your four tasks as a job seeker 1.Convince the employer you are an asset to the company. 2.Demonstrate you are passionate about the work. 3.Show your enthusiasm for the organization. 4.Determine if this employer is the right fit.

6 How does the employer interpret your actions? Pronunciation Tone Grammar Volume Speed

7 7-8 Eye contact Facial expressions Posture Mannerisms Attitude Handshake

8 8 Opening Exchange Conclusion Testing

9 9 What are key things you should do in each of these interviews? One-to-one Telephone Panel Informal

10 10 Why are these different interview styles used by employers? Progressive Group Behavioral Demonstration Multi-stage

11 Helpful hint Start your preparation activities as far before the interview as possible. Time builds confidence and reduces nervousness.

12 12-15 Review Select and list Compare

13 16-17

14 18-19 How would your former teammates describe your knowledge and abilities? Explain why you are the best candidate for the position.

15 What has been your most significant career accomplishment? What are your short- and long-term goals? Why did you leave your last position? 18-19

16 20-23 Considerations Detailed Measurable Related to new position

17 Decipher military-specific language into civilian terminology. 23 Prepare an explanation of your military duties, contributions, accomplishments. Relate all qualifications to the new position. The interviewer wants to hire you for what you offer the company.

18 23 Focus on your technical skills, leadership abilities and being a strong team player. Relax. You’ve been through much more stressful situations than an interview. Be proud of your service, be proud of your abilities.

19 Be honest. Be responsible for your past actions. Focus on the future. Remain positive in the face of adversity. Acknowledge employer concerns, and address them openly and respectfully. Build a reliable professional network. 24

20 Practice your incarceration speech until it is second nature and can be adapted to fit any interviewing situation that may arise. You are not alone. Every job seeker receives “no” for an answer before hearing a “yes.”

21 25, 28 Writing activity: Take notes on employer remarks during the interview for which you’d like more information or clarity. Your question should reflect the following: Solid research Thoughtfulness Interest in the company Appeal of position Details from earlier discussion

22 26-27 How much does this position pay? Implies that you are greedy.

23 26-27 When will benefits start? Implies that you are unhealthy.

24 26-27 Do you have childcare? Implies you have child care issues.

25 26-27 Will I have to work overtime? Implies you are uncommitted

26 26-27 What exactly does your company do? Implies you are unprepared.

27 26-27 How soon can I take vacation? Implies you are a slacker.

28 29 1.You can answer the question. 2.You can refuse to answer the question on grounds that it is illegal. 3.You can examine the question for its intent and base your answer on the requirements of the job and your ability to perform the work.

29 30-33 Helpful hint Your first impression is formed by the employer as soon as you enter the property. Smile and greet all employees in a respectful and pleasant manner.

30 30-32 Helpful hint Dress appropriately for the job and company. The interviewer’s focus should be on you – not on your appearance.

31 35-36 Resume References Directions Portfolio (work samples) Contact Information Research

32 Exit the interview in the same manner you entered. Smile. Shake hands. Thank interviewers for their time and consideration. 37-38

33 Your feedback is important to us. Please take a moment to complete the workshop evaluation form and turn it into your instructor.

34 Sub-head Body Copy. Title

35 Sub-head Body Copy. Title

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