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Interviewing Skills CNED 577 Andrew Harden December 1, 2008.

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1 Interviewing Skills CNED 577 Andrew Harden December 1, 2008

2 When might you be asked for a personal interview? When you are applying for jobs When you are applying for colleges When you are applying for scholarships and grants.

3 Don’t Sell Yourself Short! You are a salesperson, the interviewer is your customer Know your product Be able to express why you are the best candidate. Premium Grade

4 The 5-Part Interview: Part One- Before the Interview Do your homework. Know where you are going Arrive at least 5 minutes early Be prepared Dress for Success! Why people aren’t selected

5 Part Two-The Start of the Interview Let them know you are there Greet your interviewer – Introduce Yourself – Firm handshake – Smile and be confident Take a seat and sit up straight DO NOT- Chew gum, slouch, fidget, curse, mess with their stuff

6 Part 3-The Middle of the Interview Face your interviewer Stay positive Discuss your skills, knowledge and experience Express willingness to learn Know your resume Be honest

7 Middle of Interview-Continued Be thorough with your answers If you don’t understand the question, ask the interviewer to explain. Pay Attention to what they are saying Think before you speak DO NOT: Draw attention to your negatives, Criticize former jobs or schools, discuss personal issues (good or bad), bring up salary or benefits too early.

8 Part 4- The End of the Interview Ask job related questions that you prepared Find out when they will be making their decisions. Make sure the interviewer knows the best way to contact you. Thank the interviewer Shake hands

9 Part 5- Follow Up Send the interviewer a thank you letter soon after the interview. Call the company or college in about a week. Sample Thank You Letter

10 How are you rated During the Interview?

11 Why people aren’t selected Poor Personal Appearance Inability to communicate clearly Bad grammar Lack of planning Lack of Enthusiasm and Confidence Failure to maintain eye contact

12 Why people aren’t selected Limp Handshake Late to the interview Does not thank interviewer for their time Asks no questions Lack of knowledge about business, college, or position

13 Interview Tips Movie

14 Interview Questions to Think About-What they might ask you Tell me about yourself. Why did you choose this career or this major? What do you consider to be your greatest strengths? Weaknesses? How would you describe yourself? How would a friend describe you?

15 What they might ask you How can you contribute to this company or this school? How do you work under pressure? Describe your most rewarding high school or work experience? What have you learned from extracurricular activities?

16 Interview Question to Think About-What you might want to ask them What opportunities are there for advancement for someone entering this position? How large is this company/college? How will I be evaluated and how often? What is the work schedule like? To whom would I be reporting? What kind of communication channels are there?

17 Mock Interviews Everyone find a partner-Take turns being the interviewer and the interviewee (5 minutes each) practicing skills you have learned from this lesson about the interview process.

18 Mock Interview Evaluation Use this form to evaluate your partner

19 Resources Lesson was adapted form Maine Center for Career Development – Career Preparation Curriculum Lesson 6: Interviewing Skills

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