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Career Guidance is the process of helping people to choose a career that is related to their potentials, interests, needs and ambitions.

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2 Career Guidance is the process of helping people to choose a career that is related to their potentials, interests, needs and ambitions.

3 Levels of wages and salaries expected Hours of work Health and safety hazards of the job Distance from place of residence ease of mobility Opportunities for promotion and advancement

4 Academic qualifications Values and attitudes Work experience Recommendations Impressions created from the application form and interview

5 It encourages persons to realize their goals through careful consideration of their social and economic circumstances. Individuals will be able to perform to their maximum potential through their own choice. Stress level will be reduced to a minimum. Productivity will be maximized.

6 A Resume is a document used by individuals to present their background and skillsets. Resumes can be used for a variety of reasons but most often to secure new employment.

7 A cover letter introduces you and your resume to your employer. You should send one with every resume you submit. It gives you the opportunity to draw your readers attention to specific qualifications. It provides a sample of your written communication skills. It gives you the opportunity to network.

8 Applying online without receiving one single interview request? Do you think the current state of the economy is bad thats why you dont have a job?

9 The truth is companies are still hiring and interviewing its time to check your resume!!!

10 Are you qualified enough? Lack of achievements or highlights No dates Abbreviations

11 Irrelevant information Spelling mistakes Career objective Does hobbies and interests add value to your resume?

12 The use of numbers can spice up your resume. If you have experience as an Administrative Assistant include your ability to meet deadlines. If you have recently completed a course show that you can handle projects.

13 Avoid using the generic language such as Excellent Communicator most applicants use similar terms to describe themselves. Step out of the box and show the value you can add or contribute.

14 For example: Ability to organize and complete pending files to meet deadlines. Capability to type quickly with no errors.

15 Using numbers appropriately and evidence to back up your statements will aid your resume application and make your resume shine against your candidates.

16 No cover letter attached Applying for the wrong job Providing little or no detail of work experience Resume is too long Trying to sound Too Clever

17 Your resume should motivate the person reading it to dial the phone number you have put on the resume. Employers prefer a chronological resume.

18 A process in which a potential employee is evaluated by an employer for prospective employment in their company, organization or firm. During this process, the employer hopes to determine whether or not the applicant is suitable for the job.

19 Research: The history of the business How old the business is The types of services the business offers The hierarchy structure How many offices/locations the business has Number of employers The business culture Competitors Benefits

20 Tell me a little about yourself… Were there any problems finding our office today? If there is a major event going on the hiring manager may ask you along the lines of Have you been following the…

21 Would you like some coffee or a glass of water? Are you enjoying the weather? Why have you applied for this role?(Trickier ice breaker )

22 Q: What are your greatest strengths? A: Dont say youve never thought about it! Go into the interview knowing the three main impressions you want to leave about yourself, such as Im hard- working, loyal and efficient.

23 Q: What are your greatest weaknesses? A: Dont confess that youre lazy of have trouble meeting deadlines! Confessing that you tend to be a workaholic of tend to be a perfectionist will make your perspective employee see a weakness that he likes. Name a weakness that your interviewer will perceive as a strength.

24 Q: What are your long-range goals? A: If youre interviewing with Microsoft, dont say you want to work for IBM in five years! Say your long-range goals is to be with the company, contributing to its goals and success.

25 Q: What motivates you to do your best work? A: Dont get dollar signs in your eyes here! Meeting deadlines on time is not a bad answer.

26 Q: Why should I hire you? A: Im unemployed and available is the wrong answer here! Get back to your strengths and say that you believe the organization could benefit by a loyal, hard- working individual like yourself.

27 Do wear appropriate clothes Do be well groomed Do give a firm handshake Do smile and show a sense of humor Do be enthusiastic Do show you are flexible and adaptable Do ask intelligent questions about the employers business

28 Low level of accomplishment Poor attitude lack of self confidence Lack of goals/objectives Lack of enthusiasm Lack of interest in the companys business Inability to sell or express yourself Unrealistic salary demands Poor appearance Lack of maturity, no leadership potential Lack of extracurricular activities

29 Lack of preparation for the interview, no knowledge about the company Objecting to travel Excessive interest in security and benefits Inappropriate background

30 Thank you!!!

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