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Matter & The Atom.

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1 Matter & The Atom

2 Matter The term matter describes all of the physical substances around us: your table, your body, a pencil, water, and so forth

3 Matter Anything that has mass and takes up space (has volume)
Made up of different kinds of atoms

4 Matter Includes all things that can be seen, tasted, smelled, or touched Does not include heat, sound, or light

5 Matter is made of atoms

6 Models Models are often used for things that are too small or too large to be observed or that are too difficult to be understood easily

7 Models In the case of atoms, scientists use large models to explain something that is very small Models of the atom were used to explain data or facts that were gathered experimentally. So, these models are also theories

8 Modern Model of the Atom The electron cloud
Sometimes called the wave model Spherical cloud of varying density Varying density shows where an electron is more or less likely to be

9 Atomic Structure Nucleus Protons Neutrons Electrons

10 Atomic Structure Protons -Much larger and heavier than electrons
positive charge (+) Located in the nucleus of the atom 

11 Atomic Structure Electrons Tiny, very light particles
Have a negative electrical charge (-) Move around the outside of the nucleus

12 Atomic Structure Neutrons Large and heavy like protons
Neutrons have no electrical charge Located in the nucleus of the atom 

13 Draw the following picture on your output p.22.

14 Atomic Structure

15 Let’s look at the periodic table and determine what each square tells us!

16 Let’s Practice!- Output p.23 Please copy the table into CB
Element #Protons #Neutrons #Electrons Oxygen Calcium Aluminum Tungsten Nickel

17 Let’s Practice!- Output p.23 Please copy the table into CB
Element #Protons #Neutrons #Electrons Oxygen 8 16 – 8 = 8 Calcium 20 Aluminum 13 27-13=14 Tungsten 74 184-74=110 Nickel 28 59-28=31

18 Describing Atoms # of protons + # of neutrons Atomic mass number

19 Describing Atoms Atomic Weight - average mass of the naturally occurring isotopes of an element .

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