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Polar & NESTA: Monitoring a New Era of Personal Training.

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2 Polar & NESTA: Monitoring a New Era of Personal Training

3 Agenda Fitness through the decades Personal Training Today: - Your membership at a glance - Building blocks for success Polar Cardio Coaching NESTA PFT 2.0


5 1860s Eugen Sandow First health club in Europe. Bodybuilding as entertainment.

6 1930s Muscle Beach Venice, CA Muscle Craze is transferred to US. California is capital of sensationalism.

7 1940s Weider Brothers Weiders begin their publishing and fitness empire.

8 1950s Dr. Kenneth Cooper Philosophy shift from disease treatment to fitness & wellbeing for prevention. Awareness of cardiovascular training & heart health.

9 1951 Jack La Lane Jack La Lane creates nations first fitness TV show on behalf of Americas housewives.

10 1960s Vic Tanny 80+ Gym Empire Takes gyms out of the cellar Make them more accessible to everyday people

11 1977 Polar Invents First HRM Sport Tester PE3000 Integrated computer face First time athletes can read HR


13 1980s Fitness Craze- Knowledge & Standardization Accessibility of fitness for the masses. Rise of personal training.

14 1987 Polar Sport Tester PE300 'Target Zone' feature Simplifies effective HR-based training

15 1990s NESTA is Founded Practical application Customized programs Interactivity & Animation

16 1990s-Present OwnZone® 1997 2007 20051999 Female Series OwnIndex® Body Movement

17 Personal Training Today

18 Your Current Membership at a Glance Largest non-membership revenue stream is Personal Training. - National average: <5% of health club members use PT services. - On the average <12% of members do Group Exercise. Over 80% of members use cardio machines… but less than 20% own a heart rate monitor!

19 What Does a Professionally Certified Personal Fitness Trainer do? Fitness Goals and Needs B Bridge the Gap A Current Health and Fitness Level

20 Are Your Trainers Training Appropriately? Are They Bridging the Gap Safely and Effectively? Optimal Training

21 Preventing Turnover What are they missing? –Both understand AND apply exercise science –Basic business and communication skills –Ways to keep their clients compliant –Ways to ensure clients are training at the right intensity Traits of a successful trainer –Confidence –Professionalism –Enthusiasm –Passion

22 Building Blocks of A Successful Program

23 Training With PFT 2.0 and Polar: Your fitness staff will challenge members to be the best they can be. - Good member communication leads to member trust which turns into personal training clients. Personal trainers can now provide weekly strength, cardio and nutrition goals Member/clients are motivated and consistent on all levels

24 Education By Implementing PFT 2.0 and Polar: Your facility can pride itself on member/client education in all areas of fitness Your educated members become successful members Members/Clients understand the why and how of their program (if they believe in it, they will succeed in it) Retention factor

25 Technology Ask these questions of yourself… Can I create a HR-based program for my clients? Can I trust my clients to follow the program? Do I have the time and resources to track their results? Can I charge my clients for this service?

26 Polar Cardio Coaching & PFT 2.0 allow you to say YES to each question!

27 Application Polar Cardio Coaching, consisting of the BodyAge System and Polar F11 Keeps-U-Fit workout program, in conjunction with NESTAs PFT 2.0, is designed to offer members the opportunity to train and become educated on cardiovascular exercise.

28 What is Cardio Coaching? Less expensive, more independent option to traditional personal training. Perfect option for those who want to work out more independently or prefer cardio over strength training exercise. A new revenue stream that offers new packages to help your members reach their goals. A way to track and outline results week-to-week, month-to-month and over the course of a year.

29 Member Accountability, Member Results

30 Polar Cardio Coaching Wouldnt it be great to bring this to trainers for use with their clients? … now we can +Target – Initiate member relationships & target key area for improvement. +Train – Create a training routine for members improvement & generate new revenue for your facility. +Track – Polars proprietary Keeps-U-Fit Software will track member results & help with retention & financial success.

31 Solution: PFT 2.0

32 PFT 2.0 Educating Trainers in a New Way –Trainers learn the practical application of the science and business of training –Trainers will learn the benefits of heart rate technology Improved performance Improved efficiency Increased motivation Increased knowledge Adaptability Accountability Objective assessment Objective training –Trainers will learn to use the technology to help get and retain clients

33 To Learn More For more information, please visit our websites: Find us at Polar booth #1104 and NESTA booth #410

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