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Cloud Connected Fitness

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1 Cloud Connected Fitness
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2 Fitness Sector Revenue - US
Source: IBISWorld 2007 2012 Avg growth per year Industry ($m) (%) Gym, Health and Fitness Clubs 24,136.10 25,269.10 0.9 Pilates and Yoga Studios 4,726 6,853.3 7.7 Personal Trainers 7,248.7 7,305.6 0.2 Fitness DVD Production 155.4 264.5 11.2 Online Sporting Apparel Sales 3,395.8 4,892.60 7.6 Boxing Gyms and Clubs 649.1 643.5 -0.2

3 Focus on Fitness and Health
Strong and still growing industry The $19.5 billion U.S. health club market has shown steady growth with 6.8% revenue CAGR from 1994 to 2009; worldwide revenue estimated at $67.2 billion (2009). There are over 45 million gym memberships in the U.S. and more than 120 million worldwide. On average health club members attend their club times in the course of a year. A total of 12 billion visits worldwide. The top five health club based activities in 2009 were: weight/resistance machines, treadmills, elliptical machines, stationary cycling, and free weights.

4 What Information Do Exercisers Want?
Information Display Importance Source: IMS Research NuResponses Distance Planned Route Planned Route, Shared Speed Time Elapsed Map Calories Burned Heart Rate Information re: Friends Targets Other

5 Now Get Interactive In Real Time
Integrate data from the fitness equipment with data from the cloud in mash-ups Separate heart monitor or other personal fitness device data or app Streaming video Real-time comparison to friends, family, strangers Ads from local businesses, like healthy restaurants, fitness stores Weather outside the club Monitor equipment status remotely to improve user satisfaction Wear of belts or other components – repair proactively, for less down-time Usage rates – compare to other locations within a club or in different facilities, add equipment where demand is high

6 Vertical Market Application Scenarios
Automation & Integration / Health Club Services Gateway Monitoring & Tracking Smart Equipment Health Club Smart Services Gateway Smart Locker RFID Smart Check-In System Communication Infrastructure People Traffic Analysis Vending Machines

7 Vertical Market Application Scenarios
Retail Automation & Integration / Many Clubs Alerts Future Data Services Security Health Club Smart Services Gateways Dashboards Suppliers Future Data Consumers Club Location Based Services Communication Infrastructure Services Agencies Device Management New Features Diagnostics Prognostics

8 Vertical Market Application Scenarios
Retail Automation & Integration / Platform View Counter Surveillance Equipment Application Edge Controller Asset Management Vending Machines Stock / Shelf Monitoring

9 Solution Elements at all Points
Embedded platform (SBC or COM) powers touchscreen on equipment CSAFE protocol between equipment and Smart Gateway Everyware Software Framework on the Smart Gateway simplifies app development on the device Wired or wireless connectivity for the Smart Gateway in the club Bandwidth-efficient protocol to the Everyware Cloud for lower network traffic and speed of connectivity Real time event processing to trigger actions based on data from equipment Multiple options for sending information and alerts to systems and staff – SMS, reports, automated integration REST APIs simplify app development and customization

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