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2 WHAT IS AEROBIC ENDURANCE? The body’s ability to… supply oxygen to the blood and muscles during physical activity. Perform repetitive movements (moderate to high intensity) for a long period of time.

3 MAXIMAL OXYGEN VOLUME CONSUMPTION (VO 2 MAX) The maximum amount of oxygen a person uses in exercise. The aerobic endurance and cardiovascular fitness. During intense exercise, the more oxygen used, the more ATP (energy) produced.

4 BENEFITS OF VO 2 MAX TESTING AND TRAINING Measures how well your heart and lungs are pumping oxygen throughout your body during exercise. Gives a target heart rate for more effective exercise (less fatigue, less injuries). Promotes a decrease in body fat Increases cardiovascular function, muscle mass, strength, speed and power (

5 CARDIOCOACH TM MONITOR SOFTWARE “…foundation for customized exercise programs that truly meet the needs of the individual…[and] empowers clients to meet their fitness goals efficiently and safely with no unnecessary fatigue or wasted time” -KORR Simple and accurate fitness testing Clear and easy to understand results No training or certification necessary

6 CARDIOCOACH MONITOR The CardioCoach calculates... VO2 max Heart Rate Speed Time Incline And computes it to the laptop screen for visible test results.

7 LAPTOP In order to complete the VO2 max test, a laptop is needed. The software will be downloaded to the laptop. The laptop will be connected to the CardioCoach Monitor through the power supply cable ($160, As the test is conducted, the CardioCoach Monitor will collect the data which will appear on the laptop.

8 TREADMILL For the VO2 max test, it is easiest to use a personal treadmill so the person is comfortable and the testing equipment can be set up accordingly with more space. The treadmill must have adjustable speed and slope to preform the test. (For the test, the person can use any form of cardio machine. It can be personal or from the gym). Ranges: $400+

9 CARDIOCOACH HOSE The CardioCoach Hose attaches to the oxygen mask that the participant is wearing to the CardioCoach monitor. $17 (

10 Y-VALVE The Y-valve attaches the oxygen mask to the hose It is needed to complete the testing $465 (

11 VO 2 MASK $25 ( The VO2 mask which attaches to the CardioCoach Monitor through the hose. The participant will wear the mask while performing the test to collect the data.

12 COMBINING EQUIPMENT AND SOFTWARE All together, a full VO 2 max test can be completed. The results will appear on the laptop screen in organized graphs and charts that are easy to read. HERE Click to see the test performed

13 VO 2 MAX TEST ANALYSIS The participant can view his or her results, and can work with a trainer to set goals for their aerobic endurance to train at the correct intensity for each type of workout. This optimizes the body's response, giving you the greatest workout efficiency. The test will be conducted again to see quantitative results in aerobic endurance. For an improvement in aerobic capacity, the VO 2 max will be greater in the second test completed.


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