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We want students to get a foundation of good cardiovascular health. Nick Seidenberg.

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1 We want students to get a foundation of good cardiovascular health. Nick Seidenberg

2  Software that allows high energy performance without needing a lot of space!  Allows cardiovascular health to be addressed through high octane dance movement  Students will enjoy and have fun with the system as it is not plain and boring  Pro-grade system with 6 pads can be bought at $3600.  System lasts for years and will engage any class; an excellent investment.

3  Size is 38”L x 35”W x 1” H  Weight is 36LB

4  A great asset to a Gymnasium  Many movies and fitness videos can be watched in class; allows mirroring.  Excellent cardiovascular video can be played in class room.  P90X and Boot camp workouts  Allows for variety in the classroom, something different that may attract students to work hard and have fun.

5  A great price at $95.  Ideal for computer, video and overhead projection.

6  A great piece of equipment that can be effective in the classroom for management of cardiovascular health.  The Heart is the key to cardiovascular health; heart monitor is small and perfect for the student.  Displays current heart rate and average heart rate easily for the student.  They come in multiple colors as well.

7  Each pack consist of 24 heart monitors and 24 chest straps.  Heart training book and many other books also come in the pack  This is a excellent device to be used in the classroom for students knowledge of their heart and cardiovascular health.  The device is at a great price of $1350 ;last for years in the school and the knowledge will last decades for the students.

8  Gives the class motivation and excitement in the classroom.  The heart is an important organ in the body, this will make students understand that !!

9  Excellent piece of equipment that comes at a cheap price.  Multiple Exercise can be performed.  Great for using for core strengthen; important for running and increasing endurance.  Great team building activities come from medicine ball tosses.

10  Ball come in multiple weights; four, six, and nine pounds.  Allows for core strength, balance, and all athletic movements  Great for a warm-up activity in the classroom. Especially prior to cardio workout.  The Medicine balls are $18 dollars. tremendous results in the students will be seen.

11  Game bike is an excellent piece of equipment.  It is a Stationary bike provided with a TV screen that allows the rider to have a virtual ride.  Rider can navigate through different terrains and the screen displays time and distance.  Excitement and variety is what makes this product different.  Students will love to have a virtual bike ride and receive the same benefits of a regular bike.

12  Price of the bike is $3000  The bike also is adaptable to gaming systems like PS2 and Xbox 360.  Will attract all types of students ;athletes and nonathletic students.  This product only brings positive results.

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