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Henry van Veldhuizen Amersfoort, 2014. Vallei en Veluwe.

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1 Henry van Veldhuizen Amersfoort, 2014

2 Vallei en Veluwe

3 ha inhabitants 16 wwtp’s p.e. Waterschap Vallei en Veluwe

4 WWTP Amersfoort ( p.e.)

5 Presentation History – Vision Energy and Resources – Energy Measures WWTP Amersfoort – Research Omzet.Amersfoort – Project Omzet.Amersfoort 2013: Procurement Omzet.Amersfoort phase 1 en 2 Future: Phase 3 Sludge drying

6 Ambition (2010) (international) coöperationinnovation!Knowledge exchange Waste water sand nutrients Paper fibers/ cellulose Sludge Fuel energy Clean water Vision Energy and Resources Raw Materials

7 Measures wwtp Amersfoort

8 kWh/y totaal verbruik elektriciteitelektriciteit voor beluchting elektriciteit door gasmotorinkoop van elektriciteit Biogas filtration with activated carbon Introduction bubble aeration Introduction sand filter DEMON

9 Research Omzet.Amersfoort (2010) 1 Omzet. Amersfoort 2 Central Digestion 3 PE dosing 4 Sludge pre- treatment 5 Sludge drying 6 P-recovery 7 CHP study 8 Sudge sale Results: Central digestion + Thermal Pressure Hydrolysis No PE dosing (effluent quality) Bio-P en P-recovery Sludge drying: 75% feasible, but many risc’s CHP, no ORC

10 Project Omzet.Amersfoort (2010) Proposal: Three Phases: 1.Central digestion + Thermal Hydrolysis 2.Bio-P en P-recovery 3.Sludge drying with excess heat LIFE+ subsidy: Realisation innovative aspects (TPH, P, sludge drying) Monitoring results Knowledge sharing

11 Project Omzet.Amersfoort Expected results: – Phase 1: Energy: Amersfoort Energy Neutral Region 65% self sufficient Heat: dependent on process Sludge: 30% d.w. ROI: 6 years – Phase 2: Phosphate: 40% recovery of total phosphate region Chemical usage: Reduction 50% – Phase 3: Sludge drying Sludge: 90% d.w. for 75% of the sludge ROI 7 years

12 2013: Procurement Procurement of Phase 1 and 2 at once Selection: SH+E TPH: Stulz – Lysotherm : P recovery with Wasstrip and Pearl


14 Result Procurement – Phase 1 and 2: Energy en Phosphate: Amersfoort Energy neutral130% Surplus: 2 M kWh/jaar Region 65% self sufficient 70% Heat: dependent on process maximum 40% recovery of total phosphate region 42% Chemical usage: Reduction 50% Sludge: 30% d.w.31% ROI: 6 years6,7 jaar

15 BI 6% Process according to procurement GT ATVBTNBT Amersfoort Woudenberg GI ontw sec. slib BI 4,0% wkk DEMON strip pearl Nijkerk sec. slib Soest prim. slib sec. slib prim. slibGT TDH Buffer eindvw niet specifiek Silo wkk + div extra wkk GT

16 The movie...

17 Future: Phase 3 – sludge drying Sludge drying with excess heat Project not possible on WWTP Amersfoort with project period Choice: pilot/demo with 10% on wwtp Ede: 200 kW th Period: Interpretation of results for WWTP Amersfoort in 2015

18 Everything clear… more information:

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