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Wood to Warmth – Case Studies Alison Wilshaw, TV Energy 16 February, 2014 1.

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1 Wood to Warmth – Case Studies Alison Wilshaw, TV Energy 16 February,

2 Flint Cottage Project description Zero carbon house 3/4 bedroom house, Brightwalton, Berkshire 7.7 kW Charnwood stove + back boiler with 400 litre thermal store. Solar thermal & electric boost. Off gas, rural location, Meets Code Level 3 16 February,

3 Fuel Supply Logs from local tree surgeons & estate woodlands ½ tonne trailer loads, £120/tonne 10 loads per year, £ February, Flint Cottage

4 Project economics Installed costs: £2,500 (stove, liner) + £3,400 (store) Predicted annual energy generation: 12,000 kWh (wood) Wood fuel use: 5 tonnes/year 16 February,

5 Flint Cottage Payback Capital premium vs. oil: £1,100 Annual savings vs. oil: £250 Simple payback in years: February,

6 Curridge Primary School Project description 50 kW Herz Firematic chip boiler + buffer store Small village primary school near Newbury, West Berkshire TV Bioenergy operates boiler under an ESCo contract 16 February,

7 ESCo heat contract ESCo owns boiler hardware, controls the fuel quality, & guarantees heat Local estate supplies wood chip via truck Local operative for routine operation & maintenance on site 16 February, Curridge Primary School

8 Installed system cost: £65,000 (total) Annual energy generation: 40,000 kWh/year Wood fuel use: 20 tonnes/year Expected lifetime: 20 years 16 February,

9 Englefield Estate Woodchip boiler and district heating network 500kW woodchip boiler Estate-supplied wood fuel 800m of district heating network, existing local boilers to remain Located near Theale, Reading 16 February,

10 Mainly residential loads, plus church, offices, glasshouse, swimming pool Englefield Estate 16 February,

11 Lessons Learned from Austrian Visit Select central boiler location carefully Consider suitability of existing buildings (space, layout) Option of purpose-built plant room Allow space for additional central plant to be installed when local boilers require replacement District heat mains should also be sized for additional future heat supply 16 February, Englefield Estate

12 Fuel Supply Wood fuel to be sourced from the estate (~1500 Ha) Either sent to local aggregator for chipping, or chipped on site through hired chipper services Could be chipped direct into fuel store to minimise handling 16 February, Englefield Estate

13 Installed system cost: ~£400,000 Annual energy generation: 800,000 kWh/yr Wood fuel consumption: 280 Expected lifetime: boiler 20 years, district heating network 50 years Annual savings: £20,000/yr Annual income from RHI: ~£40,000 – 50,000/yr Simple payback: 20 years (without RHI), 6 years (including RHI) 16 February,

14 Hillfields Farm Project description 220 kW Boiler, buffer tank & district heating Supplies 90% of heat (10% from solar / electric) Heating & HW for house, offices, swimming pool Alternative to oil Nr Pangbourne, Berkshire 16 February,

15 Typical estate model Fuel from own woodland on site No oil backup system Dedicated fuel store with transfer auger Uses own chipper and trailer Contracted to sell surplus via TV Bioenergy to local boilers 16 February, Hillfields Farm

16 Project economics Installed system cost: Boiler £60k +VAT, solar £20k +VAT Annual energy generation: 350 MWh (+32 MWh solar) Predicted annual savings: c. £13k + £1.2 Wood fuel consumption: 160 tonnes/year Expected lifetime: min. 15 years 16 February,

17 September Hillfields Farm Solar for house Solar for pool Biomass boiler

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