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Cser Anna, Török Csenge, Elise Marie Nap, Antonette Boer and Rebekka Struik.

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1 Cser Anna, Török Csenge, Elise Marie Nap, Antonette Boer and Rebekka Struik

2 He was born in 1896 on 6th of June, in Kaposvár, Somogy county. His mother was a housemaid, and his father was coachman. He has never completed highschool, instead of he became a locksmith’s apprentice. He was called for military duty in 1915, when he was 19 years old. He fought in Italy and Galicia, and he was taken prisoner of war by the Russian. He escaped and became a soldier for the Russians in Siberia.

3 •In the captivity Imre Nagy began engaging in politics. He became communist. •He participated in the bolshevik movement and he joined the Siberian Communist Party. •He got home in April of 1921. With the help of Béla Kun he started a communist party in Hungary.

4 •When he arrived at home, he began spreading the communism in Hungary. •In 1928 he emigrated with his wife and daughter to Vienna. After this he went to Moscow. •Back in Hungary again, he found out about the wrong doings in the communist party. He disagreeded with the party. •It forced him to resigned out the party. Imre Nagy

5 •When he came back in 1944 in Hungary, he became Minister of Agriculture in the temporary government (he was in Debrecen (city) even then) •He discovered popularity by the peasantry. •His comrades were jealous of him. •Therefore he had to resign as Minister of the Interior. Later on he was apointed the Rector of the Agrarian University. •He didn’t take part in assassination of the „regime’s enemies”.

6 •In 1951 he came back to the Political Commity. •After the death of Stalin, the new soviet leadership appointed him as prime minister of Hungary in June 1953. •He restored the legality. •His programme brought relief and happiness. •20 months later, Rákosi had resigned from prime ministry. Imre Nagy

7 •April 1955 Rákosi convinced soviets of dismissing Imre Nagy of all his positions. •He was disappointed with his associates. •Rákosi wanted to Imre Nagy, but finally he was became relieve him of his secretary-general. Rákosi, the prime minister Imre Nagy.

8 •The people demanded the return of Imre Nagy. •Claims of the revolutionary produced Nagy Imre’s speech and prime ministerial appointed. •In his speech he took sides against revolution. •In 25th of october Gerő was relieved. His post was performed by Kádár János.

9 •During the revolution communist killed hungarian people by volley on many places, for example: Mosonmagyaróvár, Kossuth tér (it is a square in Budapest), Tiszakécske. •On 28th of October Nagy Imre ordered the ceasefire. •He promised evacuation of the soviet troops. •In spite of negotiations the soviets didn’t leave the country.

10 •MSZMP(Hungarian Socialist Labour Party) was set up in first of November. •In 3rd of November soviets attacked Budapest. • In 4th of November in dawn was the famous radio speech of Imre Nagy. •The yugoslavs want get Imre’s Nagy government to resigning, but they refused it. •Kádár his cabinet was formed again. •István Bibó asked for the West’s help. Again.

11 •After the soviet attacks there were general strikes. •In 22th of November Nagy Imre and his group left the Yugoslav Embassy, but the soviets abducted they. •They was deported to Snagov (Romania).

12 •Altough the revolution failed the protest marchs was continuouses to 1957. •In June 1958 the death-sentence was borned in case of Imre Nagy. •The execution was died by hanging, and this took place at 16 June 1958. His execution, (picture from a film.)

13 He has a statue on the square of Vértanúk. 16th June of 1989, he was reburied. And a film was being made from his life.


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