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Background to the Stalinization of Hungary.. Hungary after the Trianon Peace settlement.

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1 Background to the Stalinization of Hungary.

2 Hungary after the Trianon Peace settlement.

3 Kun Béla and the Hungarian Soviet Republic 1919.

4 White Terror.









13 Key events: Attacked by Czechoslovakia, Romania and Serbia in Nov Communist republic in March Red terror during the spring and early summer of White Terror under Horthy and the Interwar Years. The Vienna Awards Hungary joining Germany in the war against USSR. Germany occupying in March 44. Hungarian Nazis Arrow Cross, coup in October 44. Holocaust in Hungary, Rauol Wallenberg dead in Hungary (todays borders). Budapest battlefield winter 1945.


15 Hungary in April War is over in Hungary. Unlike Germany, Budapest and Hungary is liberated by USSR alone. Hungarians living in Transylvania, Slovakia and Serbia are victims of awful atrocities at the end of the war. The Soviet Authorities take three actions first: 1. Find all Nazis and war criminals and punish then. 2. Reconstruct the Infrastructure in Russia with forced labour. 3. Execute land reforms. Rapes and plunder: All Hungarian families have some relative that suffered from the Red Armys march through Hungary during the winter / spring of (Zsuzsa's story). The Soviets are NOT greeted as liberators by the Hungarian population.

16 Hungary in BUT, the Hungarian society is very polarized with all the atrocities committed by the Nazis on the other hand. In autumn 1945 a free election, the next entirely free on is in The communist leader Rákosi is convinced that the Communists (MKP) will get at least 70 % of the votes. Smallholder's Party (Farmer's party) get 57 % of the votes. The Communists backed by the Red Army and the Soviet Advisors demand that the communists gets seats in the Government anyway. A Popular Front is formed. MKP: Minister of Interior, Minister of Agriculture and Minister of Finance. Prime minister and President from the Smallholder's Party.

17 The Feudal Hungary.

18 The MKP sabotages the Government's work from within the Government. Demands quick Land Reforms. The Search for Nazi collaborators and war criminal continues. The MKP disturb the party meetings held by other parties. Very similar to what the NSDAP did in Germany.

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