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April 27—What test taking strategies are you going to use for the IB exams?

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1 April 27—What test taking strategies are you going to use for the IB exams?

2  Bring a sweater or jacket  Bring Water ONLY  Skip lines so that you can go back and add info if necessary  Paper 1: Last question include a thesis statement, body paragraphs, and a concluding sentence.  Paper 2 and 3: Make sure to include Thesis, Evidence, Specific Evidence, and Analysis Test-Taking Tips

3 Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life “Wherever death may surprise us, let it be welcome.” Che, April 1967

4 IB Objectives  Spread of Cold War from Europe  Cuban Revolution

5 Key Terms  Mario Monje

6 Lecture Outline I.Unquiet Youth II.Become Che and the Cuban Revolution III.Making the New Man and Beginning a Worldwide Revolution

7 Unquiet Youth  Ernesto Guevara de la Serna was born on May 14, 1928.  He entered medical school in 1947.  1952 Che and his friend Alberto Granado traveled from Argentina to Venezuela.  July 1953 Che and his friend Carlos Ferrer travel from Argentina to Venezuela, and Che continues into Central America.

8 Unquiet Youth  1954 US invades Guatemala to oust Arbenz.  Guevara finds asylum at the Argentine embassy.  Mid-September 1954, Guevara crosses the border into Mexico.

9 Becoming Che and the Cuban Revolution  November 23, 1956 Fidel and 81 other men leave Mexico.  They landed on December 2.  By the end of January word arrived from Havana that Fidel’s presence was having an effect.  Early 1958, the Communist Party in Cuba began to openly support Castro’s revolution.

10 Becoming Che and the Cuban Revolution  Fidel arrived in Havana on January 8, 1959.  February 16, 1959 Fidel was sworn in as Cuba’s new prime minister.  February 14, 1961 the first infiltration team was smuggled into Cuba.

11 Becoming Che and the Cuban Revolution  Kennedy chose the Bay of Pigs as the invasion site.  The Cuban exiles thought they would be backed by the full weight of US military power.  April 17 1961, 1500 Cuban Exile Liberation Army landed at the Bay of Pigs. 12 POWs were taken the rest were massacred.  December 1962 the prisoners were released in exchange for $62 million worth of medical supplies.

12 Becoming Che and the Cuban Revolution  Spring of 1962, Che was overseeing a campaign to recruit and organize guerrilla trainees from the Latin American students invited to Cuba on revolutionary scholarships.

13 Becoming Che and the Cuban Revolution  Fidel’s goal was to consolidate Cuba’s economic well-being and his own political survival, and for that he was willing to compromise.  Che’s mission was to spread the socialist revolution.

14 Beginning a Worldwide Revolution  Summer of 1964 Che had resolved to leave Cuba and return to the revolutionary battle.  He chose Africa, specifically the Congo, for his next revolution.  Che left Cuba for the last time on April 1, 1965 and arrived in Africa on April 19.

15 Beginning a Worldwide Revolution  April 24, 1965 Che and 13 Cubans arrived in the Congo.  October 24, 1965, Che’s base camp was overrun by government troops. Che and the rest escaped.  November 22, 1965, Che and the Cubans left the Congo.  Bolivia became the next target.

16 Beginning a Worldwide Revolution  Che and Fidel proposed a modern-day repetition of the epic liberation strategy waged by San Martin and Bolivar.  Mario Monje was the leader of the Communist Party in Bolivia.  Che arrived in La Paz on November 3, 1966.  Che saw the war in Bolivia as a way to start a new world war.

17 Beginning a Worldwide Revolution  February 1, 1967 Che left base camp and didn’t return until March 20.  On March 23, the war began.  The Bolivian government outlawed the Communist Party.  June 30, the Bolivian government confirmed publicly that Guevara was in Bolivia and the US sent a Rangers Battalion.

18 Beginning a Worldwide Revolution  On October 8, 1967 Che and 17 men were surrounded in a canyon and Che was taken into custody.  On October 9 he was executed.  On October 11, Che’s body and of his comrades were placed in a secret grave.  In July 1997, Che’s skeleton was discovered and in October he was publicly interred in Cuba.

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