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1 AESAEC Key Factor Collection – Survey 1 st results Kick-off Meeting Graz/Kukmirn (AT), 09-11/11/2008

2 AESAEC KF-Survey – quantitative data

3 AESAEC KF-Survey – quantitative data

4 AESAEC KF-Survey – quantitative data

5 AESAEC KF-Survey – quantitative data

6 AESAEC KF-Survey – quantitative data

7 Main results: Relevant issues concerning EU Brief but structured overview of EU (history, structure, bodies) EU and pension systems (policy, homogenisation, developments) Quantity/quality of EU influence on national/regional level EU and marginalized groups (age, culture, language etc.) EU and demographic changes (policy, activities, developments etc.) EU and funds for senior citizens ( possibilities, chances, threats etc.)

8 Main results: Senior Citizens and AEC What is AEC in first place and what does it mean for SC (e.g. concept, policy, implementation, rights, duties etc.) SC and their responsibility/duty as time witnesses and living historic documents How can SC participate more actively in AEC (e.g. club of the wise, networking on transnational level, cooperation with schools, access/empowerment to volunteer work etc.) How can AEC help SC to care for own interests/issues (e.g. best practise exchange how to optimise life situation/social status for SC) Meet other SC and learn from each other

9 Main results: Project management Basic information about concept of EU projects Detailed information concerning a programme/fund (etc. objectives, aims, structure, payments etc.) Project Management (application writing, structuring, work flow, work plan, instruments, quality assurance, dissemination, reporting, administration/accountancy etc. ) appropriate IT literacy English ( or another foreign language if needed)

10 Main results: Project management General intercultural competences/geographic knowledge Communication competences (e.g. funding bodies, project partners) Competences to arrange travels, visits, meeting etc. Leadership competences Access to transnational co-operation partners High motivation and ownership (why? What are the benefits? What are the risks? Etc.)

11 Main results: Training Course key factors Clear description of entrance level (concerning competences, know-how, experiences etc.) Appropriate organisation and basic design (duration, location, accessibility, mobility etc.) Small learner groups (max. 8-10 persons?) High level of blended learning High level of interactive/group learning Make sure pedagogic staff is experienced/trained in working with senior learners

12 Main results: Training Course key factors High level of learning by doing! Do not underestimate know how, competences and knowledge of many senior learners! Respect KISS – Keep it small and simple! Reduce theory - increase practical approaches Low speed and high level of redundancies during lessons (because this is a very complex topic many learners are not familiar with at all) Link learning issues with real life of learners Respect the learners and their abilities!

13 Workshop issues: 1) Main areas and key factors/standards for AESAEC pedagogic concept (such as structure, duration, organisation, educational level of learners etc.?) 2) What are your suggestions for content/structure of the given modules? 3) What are your suggestions for topic/content/structure etc. of the missing modules? (consider approx. 3 or 4 modules) 4) How do you think authentic location learning, multi sensorial learning and learning by doing can be implemented in our course?

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