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CASE STUDY Grundtvig Senior Volunteering Project.

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1 CASE STUDY Grundtvig Senior Volunteering Project

2 Introduction to Dacorum CVS Deliver wide range of learning opportunities (ESOL, Interpreter Training, Basic Construction, Beauty, Music, Cookery, Arts and Crafts, Forklift Truck, Organisational Management, CV Workshops etc) Also Support to Other Community Groups as a CVS, a Furniture Reuse scheme, Shopmobility, Community Transport, Corporate Social Responsibility activity, Strategic engagement, host Domestic Violence Forum

3 Our European Activities Involved in European Funding since 1997 – both at a national (European Social Fund ) and transnational level Transnational experience has involved a wide range of funding streams and topics – e.g. Social Economy, Workers Mobility, Active Citizenship, Programme Management, Volunteer Exchange, Employment Skills Training

4 Current European Work Grundtvig Senior Volunteering Programme (2 projects) Grundtvig Partnership (topic - language tuition) Grundtvig Learner Workshop (topic – volunteering, ageing and citizenship – hosting March 2012) Transversal Study Visit – hosting Nov 2011 on diverse approach to Community Learning) Transversal Key Activity 4 – DEEP.Com on commercialisation of European project results) Europe for Citizens project on encouraging participation in European project activity (Jul to Dec 2012)

5 Why do work at European level We have a story to tell – many of our projects are linked to our local delivery activities We do not have all the answers in Dacorum – other parts of Europe tackle the same social issues in different ways A method of diversifying our income streams - some smaller programmes have no need for match funding Build the capacity of the organisation An opportunity for personal development – staff, volunteers and partner organisations

6 Grundtvig Senior Volunteering Senior Volunteering projects funding will help you build a lasting collaboration with another European organisation around a specific theme or activity or target group, through the exchange of volunteers. It is aimed at supporting people aged 50+ years to experience what it is like to volunteer in another country – to live as a normal citizen and be involved fully in daily life More details on the funding from

7 Our Experience 1 st project with partner in Sicily who approached us based upon previous networking and dialogue 2 nd project with partner in Cyprus who we approached based upon working as partners in Europe for Citizens project in 2009 Process is to work together on a common application, agree areas of interest, timetable, activities. Both partners then submit the same application to their National Agencies - in the UK this is ECORYS

8 Our options for locating partners We have built a network of partners from previous projects – kept in contact with those we valued working with. They are a network to partner with or to ask whether they can introduce to partner they have worked alongside East of England Brussels Office – Partner Search facility Attendance at events / seminars / conferences Asking others in the region who work in this arena

9 The Budget Covers A sum per volunteer to cover travel, insurance, accommodation and subsistence – this is important when the opportunity is aimed at people who would not otherwise have the chance Ability to apply to cover special needs of volunteers Small budget line to cover the administration of the project and support the volunteers with cultural training Both partners allocated their own budget

10 Our Projects Comprise Exchange of volunteers over two years – each year sees our host three volunteers and send three volunteers Programme: May 2011Send three volunteers to Sicily June 2011Host three volunteers from Italy Nov 2011Send three volunteers to Cyprus May 2012Host three volunteers to Cyprus

11 Examples of Volunteering In Palermo our volunteers were placed in a Nursery supporting 1 to 5 year old children from migrant communities In UK the volunteers from Italy helped our ESOL classes, Centre in the Park day centre and Sunnyside Rural Trust In Cyprus we have recruited volunteers with interest in Learning Disabilities, supporting women and Scouts. Our partner will seek to recruit volunteers with similar interest so we can promote ongoing interest and collaboration





16 Our Experience The UK National Agency – ECORYS is very supportive – good briefings, workshops and general support. A real willingness of wanting us to succeed We are working with our partners (CESIE in Italy and NGOSC in Cyprus) to develop project ideas for the 2012 Lifelong Learning Project call for proposals Opportunity to develop our capacity and to increase the confidence and self-esteem of the volunteers we work with

17 Contact Details The Community Action Dacorum European Team: Mark MitchellChief Executive Musarat Inayat European Projects Officer Tel: 01442 253935

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