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State University – Higher School of Economics

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1 State University – Higher School of Economics
PeopleNetwork Project Transnational co-operation among National Contact Points for Marie Curie Actions WORKSHOP ON BARRIERS HAMPERING MOBILITY OF RESEARCHERS BETWEEN EU AND EECA COUNTRIES 12 OCTOBER 2009 State University – Higher School of Economics Myasnitskaya str, 20 MOSCOW, RUSSIA

2 General Information Start date: 1st August 2008
Number of beneficiaries: 22 organisations from 18 countries Number of associated partners: 23 organisations from19 countries Total budget: ,09 € Total Duration: 36 months Coordinator: MATIMOR The Israeli Industry Center for R&D, IL

3 The objectives of the PeopleNetwork Project
To create a unified and knowledgeable network of NCPs for PEOPLE Programme under FP7 To identify and promote best practices To enhance the service quality of all PEOPLE NCPs through Networking and training activities Mentoring Exchange of good practices To establish a better relationship with stakeholders and the European Commission To strengthen the industrial participation in the PEOPLE Programme

4 Work Package List

5 Work Package 1 – Management Task 1.1: Objectives
General Management and Monitoring Task 1.2: Administrative and Financial Management Task 1.3: Contact with EC + Reporting Task 1.4: Kick-off meeting 3-4 December 2008 Objectives To establish a real partnership within the PeopleNetwork To ensure that all the planning activities will be implemented smoothly Point of contact for all the project components and for the communications’ maintenance with the European Commission

6 – Mapping of knowledge and expertise
Work Package 2 – Mapping of knowledge and expertise Objectives To provide information on knowledge and expertise of the other network members To recognize, collect and share best practice and good solution of different NCPs related to the various aspects of mobility under PEOPLE Programme To improve the network consistency and quality of services provided To establish closer links between NCPs Task 2.1.1: Evaluation of NCP services Task 2.1.2: Final evaluation survey Task 2.2: Defining good practice Task 2.3: Development of an internal “Practical Guide”

7 Work Package 3 – Capacity building Task 3.1: Task 3.2: Task 3.3:
Analysis of training needs Task 3.2: Monitoring of client satisfaction Task 3.3: Preparation of training material Task 3.4: Organization of training sessions for the entire Network Task 3.5: Organization of twinning/virtual mentoring for new NCPs Task 3.6: Technical facility for online questionnaires Objectives To facilitate the improvement of the overall quality of the NCPs’ services across Europe in the area of mobility To increase the overall performance of NCP activities

8 – Join Actions with stakeholders
Work Package 4 – Join Actions with stakeholders Task 4.1: Improve communication strategy among NCPs and with clients/stakeholders – production of internal & external gazette Task 4.2: PeopleNetwork’s promotional materials Task 4.3: Strengthening the relationship with EURAXESS Services Network Task 4.4: PeopleNetwork Networking Task 4.5: Promotion of the adoption of the Researchers’ Charter & Code (C&C) Task 4.6: Collaborating with NCPs from other themes and from ICPC Task 4.7: Participation in major events Objectives : Increase the visibility of PEOPLE NCP network Improve international cooperation and relations with stakeholders Strengthen relations, exchange information and organise joint- actions with other Network (i.e. EURAXESS Services Networks, other NCP networks from other Themes etc.) Maximise benefits for the stakeholders

9 – Feedback from the participants point of view
Work Package 5 – Feedback from the participants point of view Objectives : To collect information on the reception by the end users of different schemes within the People Programme To obtain more general input from the research community on their needs regarding programmes supporting geographical or intersectoral researcher mobility To make this information available to the Commission as a contribution to informed policy making Task 5.1: Collecting feedback from the NCPs Task 5.2: Interaction with Marie Curie Fellows and collection of their feedback Task 5.3: Investigating the impact of Marie Curie Actions on participating institutions and organisations Task 5.4: Gathering input from relevant supra-national (European/International) and 3rd country organisations Task 5.5: Feedback to the European Commission

10 – Improving Industry Participation
Work Package 6 – Improving Industry Participation Task 6.1: The industrial dimension across the PeopleNetwork – coordination of all activities targeting the private sector Task 6.2: Preparing a European database of FP industrial participants in MC Actions Task 6.3: Training – targeted trainings to less experienced NCPs so as to improve their collaboration with industry Task 6.4: Identification of industrial needs Task 6.5: Collaboration with the SME NCP project “TransCoSME” Objectives : To increase industry participation in the People Programme

11 Summarising NCP Network is an important instrument for gathering feedback on possible problems and difficulties in the implementation of the “People” Specific Programme PeopleNetwork project aims at the development and implementation of a coordination mechanism for stimulating closer cooperation among NCPs and facilitates the improvement of the overall quality of NCP services across Europe in the area of mobility

12 Thank you for your attention
Georgia Ritou National Hellenic Research Foundation (NHRF) International Relations

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