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Indispensable tools for research at its best COS Pivot: Accessing Pivot and Managing Your Profile.

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1 Indispensable tools for research at its best COS Pivot: Accessing Pivot and Managing Your Profile

2 Overview of what COS Pivot is Learn how to create an account and log in Learn about profiles: – How to claim one and why you should claim a profile – How to suggest a scholar – How to update your profile Todays Agenda

3 COS Pivot brings the best of COS Funding Opportunities and COS two scholarly profiling systems together in one integrated package – Access to over 26,000 funding opportunities – Approximately 3 million profiles from around the world Suggests potential funding opportunities for you based on your Pivot profile (harvested and maintained by COS Pivot editors) Gives you one place to manage and track funding of interest What is COS Pivot?

4 The URL for COS Pivot is http://pivot.cos.com If we have your IPs enabled you will be able to do some basic searching without logging in but you will not be able to: – save funding opportunities – share searches or search results – set up funding alerts – view funding opportunities suggested by the Pivot Advisor To log in you can use your existing COS username and password Accessing COS Pivot

5 If you dont have a current COS account or Pivot account, you can easily create one (Click on Log In and then Login Help)

6 Accessing COS Pivot

7 Users will be sent a confirmation email to the specified email address with a link that they will need to click to get full Pivot access – Note: The users email address must match the specified email domain listed for your school – Note: The users email address will also be his or her username when logging in to Pivot (New accounts only) Accessing COS Pivot

8 A Pivot account creation confirmation email.

9 Updating Basic Account Info. Note: This is NOT the same as updating your profile. To update basic information in your account you can click on My account next to your name from your Pivot home page.

10 If a you have a profile in Pivot, you will want to connect that profile to your account, or claim your profile Claiming a profile allows you to see the Advisor on your home page and also update your profile When logging in, if a you see your name in the upper right as a hyperlink, your profile has already been claimed. If the name is not hyperlinked and you see an option to Claim Profile it has not been claimed Claiming a Profile

11 A Claimed Profile… Note: Users logging in for the first time may notice that their profile has already been claimed. This is a result of the integration of COS Expertise profiles with Scholar Universe.

12 An Unclaimed Profile… Click hyperlinked Claim Profile to search for your profile…

13 Claiming a Profile Click on the This is me button if you see your profile listed.

14 Claiming a Profile Pivot will display the email address we have on file for your profile. If the email displayed is still valid, you simply select it. If you no longer have access to the email address, there is an option to notify us of this change and you will fill out a form requesting Manual Verification which we will review and validate.

15 Claiming a Profile You will be able to complete information about your current affiliation including Institution, School, Department and contact information.

16 Claiming a Profile The request to edit the selected profile is sent to the editorial team. Once approved you will receive an email confirmation and your name will appear hyperlinked on your Home Page.

17 Profiles are created for faculty members listed on University academic department websites. If department websites are unavailable, or if no faculty are listed on a departments website, faculty profiles will be created based on the data available. Profiles are created for part-time and adjunct faculty and in some instances, graduate students as well. If you feel someone should have a Pivot profile, you can submit a request (Suggest A Scholar). – Approx. 2 week turnaround to add new profile Who Is Included?

18 If you have pertinent information you need added or or changed in your profile, you can make certain updates or additions on your own. Keeping you profile up-to-date enhances the quality of matches made by the Pivot Advisor You can attach certain types of files that COS Pivot will index and make searchable until the information is confirmed and added to your profile. Updates take approximately 2 weeks before information is published Updating your Pivot Profile

19 Updating Your Pivot Profile Navigate to your claimed profile in the Profiles area of Pivot Click on the Update your profile link in the upper right area of your profile page You are taken outside Pivot to an area called Scholar Feedback

20 Scholar Feedback allows you to provide updates to our editors, who will then review the information and post it to your Pivot profile. You can update: – Name – Email address(es) – Webpages with publications – Degrees – Affiliations (both past and present) – Other (this is an open text box that allows you to provide additional feedback that you cannot submit through the above fields, such as research interests) – Upload a CV or publications list in.pdf,.doc., or.txt format. Documents submitted to your profile are indexed and searchable (as are webpages) Updating Your Pivot Profile

21 Lets take a look….. Updating Your Pivot Profile

22 Help and FAQs available in the Support section within your Pivot account Upcoming webinars and recorded sessions are also available in the Support area of your Pivot account COS Pivot Tech Support is available Monday-Friday, 6 am Pacific to 5 pm Pacific – By email: – By phone: +1.775.327.4105 Thank you! Questions?

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