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China Office University of Edinburgh Nini Yang January 2014.

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1 China Office University of Edinburgh Nini Yang January 2014

2 Purpose of China Office To manage and develop partnerships with key institutions and agencies in China To facilitate cultural and educational connections between Edinburgh and China To provide intelligence and strategic advice on opportunities for engagement; To plan, support and deliver research and educational programs between the University and Chinese research institutes, business and government departments;

3 Partnership With the strong support of the IO, the CO has identified and assisted with the development of strategic partnerships in China. Universities and research institutes: 66 universities, all of which are top 100 by the Chinese Ministry of Education. They are scattered in 25 Chinese Provinces out 29 in total. 3 major research institutes: China Academy of Sciences, China Academy of Social Sciences and China Natural Science Foundation

4 Connections Chinese governmental departments: 7 Ministries of Education, Health, Energy, Commerce, Science and Technology, Radio, Film and Television, Hanban (Confucius Institute), and China Scholarship Council. Chinese Media: 10 major newspapers incl. China Daily, Peoples Daily, Beijing News, etc. 2 major televisions and 5 of their channels incl. China Central Television and Beijing Television, which has had programs about UoE in their Educational, Cultural, Tourism, Overseas, and World in Chinese Eyes. 3 major radio stations: Beijing Radio International, Central Peoples Radio and Beijing Radio Internet media: 2 major internet: and Foreign agencies in China: 10 foreign establishments including the British Embassy, BC, RCUK, Beijing Caledonian Society, Scottish Development International, etc.

5 Events The China Office launch in 2005 Seminar on World Education in 2005 Joint art exhibition on Scottish Silverwares with Tsinghua University in 2006 Establishment of Confucius Ins. (Prof. Gentz), Film China in Edinburgh in 2006 Beijing graduation ceremony in 2007 Beijing Olympic Game Reception in the British Embassy in 2008 Joint with Confucius Ins., Edinburgh Art Festival Fringe (BFAs performance troop: Midnight Summer Dream) in 2009 Workshop on International Education in the CO office in 2010 Radio program on Education in Edinburgh sponsored by Beijing Radio International in 2011 St Andrews Ball (Chinese alumni) sponsored by Beijing Caledonian Society in 2013

6 Research, Teaching and Learnin g Research projects: BioInformatics Centre with Tianjin University A couple of workshops (research on genomic modified products) with China Natural Science Foundation and China Academy of Social Sciences Two conferences (research on low carbon) with Renmin University Workshops ( subjects on human diseases) with Peking University Health Centre Several other regular workshops on medicine, humanity, religious studies, geoscience, etc. that CO has provided substantial assistance. Teaching and learning: Joint teaching programs in U/G 2+2 with about 12 Chinese universities in 5 disciplines (engineering, Math, Informatics, Chemistry and Physics) Joint MSc programs in Law with Peking University; in Film Studies with Beijing Film Academy; and in Medicine with Guangzhou Medical University and China Agriculture University Joint PhD programs in Informatics and in Medicine Joint institute: Confucius Institute with Fudan University, jointly financed by the Chinese government. Shanghai Fashion College (ECA with Donghua Univ.), (Dr. Watson has been significantly involved in this collaboration) China-UK centre *****

7 Students Mobility To assist to identify sustainable partnerships for joint programs eg. U/G 2+2, and P/G, etc. Chinese language students to come to China for the language learning Students exchange programs, mostly at school level Summer school programs (Vet students)

8 Awareness of National and International Policies Examples: China Scholarship Council (scholarships) Chevening Scholarships in the Foreign Office (scholarship and its targets) Natural Science Foundation (research funding and funding for joint seminars) Talent Introduction Programs (funding for foreign experts to China) RCUK (UK research funding for joint research programs) Scottish Development International

9 Challenges and Future Resources Strengthen and expand activities in China

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