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Education for sustainable development

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1 Education for sustainable development
David Beards Senior Policy Officer, Learning and Teaching

2 SFC Corporate Plan Objective 4: Sustainable development in Scotland’s colleges and universities “Require and support colleges and universities to implement strategies to ensure the sustainability of their productive capacity including their financial, human, physical and environmental resources” “..we will promote sustainable development in colleges, universities and the Council’s own operations in line with the UN Decade of Education for sustainable development...”

3 Support agencies Higher Education Academy Scottish Further Education Unit Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC) Campus Sustainability Project (CaSPr) ..and not forgetting AUDE, SSDF…

4 Higher Education Academy activities
Subject networks Inter-disciplinary work Institutional focus/ESD strategy framework UK work, and Scottish projects (subject-specific, generic and inter-disciplinary developments) Future priorities…?

5 Environmental Association of Universities and Colleges
Guides on campus bio-diversity, waste management, hazardous waste ESD community of practice Campus sustainability programme: a ‘one stop shop’ for advice and guidance on sustainable development

6 CaSPr: Campus sustainability
Promoting best practice in: sustainable construction energy performance socially responsible investment biodiversity sustainable procurement transport management Regular workshops/seminars

7 CaSPr work programme for 2007-08:
launch of web-based resource materials and guidance promoting the use of recycled content in construction projects a study in environmental assessment methods and development of guidance

8 SFC Estates work Major campus projects: Queen Margaret University, John Wheatley College, Lauder College New guidance for senior managers on SD and estates management Post-occupancy evaluation in sustainable development projects Recycled content in construction projects Central Energy Efficiency Fund (CEEF) funding

9 Developing policy areas…
Sustainable communities local partnerships students leading positive change Research-teaching links How can cutting edge SD research inform teaching and learning?

10 There goes the neighbourhood…

11 There goes the neighbourhood…

12 SD Research projects (a selection..)
Transport research; Carbon Storage; Timber (Napier) Env. Sustainability; Rural Development (Aberdeen) Inter-disciplinary research capacity (Edinburgh) Renewable Energy (Glasgow) Waste and Pollution (Paisley) Env. History and Policy (Stirling) Gas Hydrate research (Heriot-Watt) Integrated energy; Hydrogen & related applications (Strathclyde) Conservation science; Eco and Env. Modelling (St Andrews)

13 ESD in Scotland’s colleges
SQA guidance on embedding sustainable development in courses New coordinator post (based at SFEU) to support colleges in responding to SQA guidance, and to work with communities of practice College campus projects: ASPIRE Centre, Lauder College Haghill Campus, John Wheatley College

14 SFC internal operations
Reducing use of cars, paper, energy Increasing use of public transport, video conferencing for meetings More recycling More energy efficient staff and offices Mindful of bio-diversity More sustainable procurement

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