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UK-India: Science and Innovation Collaboration

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1 UK-India: Science and Innovation Collaboration
Swati Saxena 12 February 2014 I IIT Kanpur UNCLASSIFIED

2 Overview What does the UK offer as a research partner?
What does the UK offer India as a research partner? Current Indo-UK research collaboration and funding opportunities How can you work with the UK? Further information B UNCLASSIFIED

3 What does the UK offer as a research partner?

4 Concentrated excellence
Highest per capita number of Nobel Laureates in the G8 Most science and maths graduates per year in the EU Most efficient research base in the G8 Top country for field weighted citation impact 15.9% 11.6% 9.5% of downloads 3.2% UNCLASSIFIED

5 An international partner
International research base: 71.6% of active researchers were internationally mobile in 47.6% of UK papers in 2012 resulted from international collaboration Significant EU player: 41% of EU FP7 grants to date have had a UK partner To date, 2nd largest recipient of FP7 money, €3.7bn or 15% UK Science and Innovation Network (SIN) overseas: 90 staff based in 42 British offices across 28 countries/territories 3 International Research Council UK offices: India, China and US UNCLASSIFIED

6 A nation of innovators “...78 Nobel Prizes in Science and Technology”
Around 20% of the world’s top medicines were developed in Britain UNCLASSIFIED

7 A nation of innovators “...London’s Tech City is the largest and fastest growing tech cluster in Europe” In 1990 Sir Tim Berners-Lee implemented the first successful communication between a Hypertext Transfer Protocol client and server via the Internet. UNCLASSIFIED

8 What does the UK offer India as a research partner?

9 A committed partner The UK is committed to deepening the Indo-UK partnership... “…the relationship between India and Britain stronger, wider, and deeper…a relationship that can benefit the world” David Cameron, Bangalore, 2010 On his first overseas trip upon becoming Prime Minister Commitment to working with India goes right to the top Want to be India’s partner of choice ... including in Research and Innovation UNCLASSIFIED

10 The UK team in India Offices across the country: UNCLASSIFIED

11 Benefits of collaboration with the UK
3rd largest number of co-authored papers with India Indian authored Indo-UK co-authored Co-authorship with the UK increases impact of publication UNCLASSIFIED

12 Current India-UK research collaboration


14 UK Science & Innovation Network: Activities
Research and Innovation workshops Links between centres of excellence Policy advice, collaboration and reporting: Public engagement and communication Find out the latest news at: UNCLASSIFIED

15 Research Councils UK: RCUK India
Team of 5 based at the British High Commission, New Delhi Facilitated over £150m of joint research funding with Indian partners Indian funding partners include: Department of Science & Technology Department of Biotechnology Ministry of Earth Sciences Indian Council of Medical Research Department of Atomic Energy Indian Council of Social Science Research Example UK-India co funded research projects: Energy networks Solar Energy Biofuels Farmed animal health UNCLASSIFIED

16 UK India Education And Research Initiative (UKIERI)
Phase 182 UK India partnerships, over 600 institutions, 55 individual awards, 88 travel grants, 40 policy dialogue and networking events, 393 opportunities for British students to visit India and 105 work placements for Indian graduates. Phase Two Programme extension agreed in 2010 with joint funding from Indian and UK governments worth approx £5m per year Programme to support research, innovation and skill development MoUs agreed with DST and UGC to support institutional partnerships Opportunities for collaborative work and information exchange UNCLASSIFIED

Travel grants Fellowships Networking and workshops Research grants Joint centres UNCLASSIFIED

18 Current Funding Opportunities

19 India-UK Collaborative Industrial Research and Development Programme
Registration closes by 2 April 2014 Co-delivered by GITA on behalf of DST and TSB, UK Scope – Clean tech and Affordable health care Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering £1 million international prize Nominations open till14 July 2014 Indians on search and judging panel

20 How can you work with the UK?

21 The Future Impact! Senior officials met in November to set our future of collaboration: More academia – industry, and industry – industry links More challenge-orientated funding, such as: Future Cities Affordable Healthcare Technologies Food-water-energy nexus UNCLASSIFIED

22 Just get in touch! How can we help? We can:
Put researchers with complementary expertise in contact Facilitate funding for travel and workshops to initiate collaboration, subject to availability Facilitate funding for research and innovation collaboration, within strategic priorities Just get in touch! Or find out the latest news at: UNCLASSIFIED

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