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HE in FE: The Higher Education Academy and its Subject Centres Ian Lindsay Academic Advisor HE in FE.

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1 HE in FE: The Higher Education Academy and its Subject Centres Ian Lindsay Academic Advisor HE in FE

2 2 Introduction Challenges What is the Higher Education Academy? What are Subject Centres? What do we aim to do? Some examples of our activities

3 3 Some of your challenges.. Availability of suitable learning resources in FE. –For staff & student use Knowing why students choose to access HE courses through FE colleges (e.g. socialisation, personalisation, small class, transition, part-time/flexible provision) and understanding how those differences and similarities to HEIs can affect your Teaching & learning, Assessment and Curriculum Design. What factors contribute to student success in HE in FE environments? –Support –Actually teaching……. What are the advantages of studying at your college?

4 4 Some of your challenges.. Does your college environment challenge the more able students sufficiently? –How do you know? What are the learning needs of your HE students and in what ways can these be met to aid progression from your level 3 programmes? Involvement/relationship with partners/consortia? Are these different in HE institutions? Staff needs/requirements delivering HE in a FE environment – teaching/research

5 5 What is the Higher Education Academy? Our mission is to help institutions, discipline groups and all staff to provide the best possible learning experience for their students. Head Office in York –CPD –Professional Recognition –Etc 24 Subject Centres around the country –Resources not just for their communities…Resources not just for their communities

6 6 The Academys Strategic Aims To be an authoritative and independent voice on policies that influence student learning experiences To support institutions in their strategies for improving the student learning experience To lead, support and inform the professional development and recognition of staff in higher education To promote good practice in all aspects of support for the student learning experience To lead the development of research and evaluation to improve the quality of the student learning experience To be a responsive, efficient and accountable organisation

7 7 Themes informing the Academys programme of events and activities Innovations in the curriculum and student support Quality management Assessment of student learning Academic leadership

8 8 24 Subject Centres

9 9 Subject Centres Work on subject specific issues to: –Promote and share good practices in learning, teaching and assessment. –Broker the transfer and take-up of knowledge and practice between users, experts, developers and innovators. –Set up, support and develop learning & teaching networks.

10 10 Subject Centre Focus Practitioner Connecting expertise with needs Close links with subject academics and professional bodies Harvesting good practices Creating partnerships and collaborations Visits to departments, meetings with Learning and Teaching groups, facilitating discussion groups, organising events & workshops

11 11 Dedicated HE in FE web pages

12 12 Information & resources On-line databases and resources Publications, briefings and guides Case studies News feeds and online updates Enquiry service Journals Books Special Interest Groups Regional Groups & Networks

13 13 Funding Opportunities, Awards, Reviews Funding Opportunities –Mini-ProjectsMini-Projects –Special Interest GroupsSpecial Interest Groups Reviews –BooksBooks –Software,Software Subject Centre Awards –Student AwardsStudent Awards –Teaching AwardsTeaching Awards

14 14 Background to HE in FE Enhancement Programme Initially, a HEFCE funded project with a brief to provide support for HE in FE in England until July 2007. Now, although still funded by HEFCE and maintaining an English focus, part of the Academys core activities.

15 15 Key Objectives Provide an effective means for staff supporting HE in FECs to engage with the wider support infrastructure. To share access to HE information and resources.

16 16 To share good practice and work with colleges. To combine efforts with key partners to deliver a coherent and integrated support infrastructure to enhance HE learning and teaching policies and practice. To promote professional and scholarly development to increase the professional standing and recognition of all staff supporting HE in FECs. Key Objectives

17 17 Professional Standards and Professional Recognition Standard Descriptor 1 …….. Associate Fellow Standard Descriptor 2.……. Fellow Standard Descriptor 3 …….. (No direct link) (No direct link) ……… Senior Fellow

18 18 Gather, Develop and Disseminate Effective Practice Teaching and Learning Group working on themes such as innovative teaching and learning, assessment etc. Management, Leadership and Quality Group working on themes including the management of HE in FE, establishing a HE culture within a FE college, developing a strategy, running exam boards etc. –Monthly e-briefing on HE in FEe-briefing

19 19 Example Generic Events HE in FE: An Introduction for New Managers & Course Leaders Uses & Applications of e-Portfolios Validating Foundation Degrees Experiential Learning Innovative Assessment Writing a College HE Strategy Unlocking the Learning Experience Conference

20 20 Sample Resources Assessment DVD Playing Cards to support Assessment Directory of HE in FE (New edition January 2009)Directory of HE in FE Good Practice guide on running exam boards Creating a HE Ethos

21 21 How can we work together? Remember - were there for you !! –Please let colleagues know about the Higher Education Academy and the Subject Centres. –Please let us know how youd like the HE in FE Enhancement Programme and the Subject Centres to help. But, in addition, Please let us know: –if you have developed, implemented or practiced any new approaches, or altered any existing ones…

22 Thank you Comments, questions, suggestions?

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