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Office of Higher Education

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1 Office of Higher Education
Science and Technology Research and Development Data - Papua New Guinea Pongie Kichawen, PhD Office of Higher Education Papua New Guinea

2 Outline Introduction Country Profile
Structure of science and technology in PNG Research and Science & Technology Institutions Status of Research and Development Data in Science and Technology in PNG Importance of Science & Technology R & D Data Policy Initiatives Future Plan for Science and Technology Data How have and can UNESCO Assist Conclusion

3 Introduction Thank UNESCO and the Institute for Statistics and other sponsors including: UNESCO Science Policy and Sustainable Development Division Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Cambodia, Scientific Research Department UNESCO Office in Phnom Penh UNESCO Office in Jakarta

4 Great Initiative Importance of sharing of S&T data and knowledge Capacity Building Economic Benefits Relating S&T data and policy to major economic development policies

5 Country Profile Located in the South West Pacific, Australia up North and Indonesia to the West Population of approx. 6 million Land area of 462,840 km² More than 800 languages English is the language of instruction at schools

6 Country Profile continue
Political system is democracy Westminster System of Government Resources – Minerals, Oil, Gas, Agriculture commodities < 0.3 % of GDP on R & D

7 Science and Technology Structure

8 Research, Science and Technology Institutions
6 Universities 4 Specialized research institutions in Agriculture, Medical, Coffee, Coconut, Cocoa Government agencies departments K300m approx. US$ 100m

9 Status of Research and Development Data in Science and Technology in PNG
Importance of use of Data Internal use only Data available, not in digital form No centralized system Only made aware of UNESCO requirement Support UNESCO initiative

10 Importance of Science & Technology R & D Data
Know the types of R & D taking place in PNG Know how much is being spent on R & D Know how R & D data can be linked to national priorities Believe S & T is the foundation for modernisation drive from rural based economy to high tech market economy Encourage Universities and other tertiary institutions to contribute to R & D Promote key partners in research and development Develop a national innovation system Identify industrial training support for undergraduates in S&T Incubation Parks for S&T graduates Inauguration of national research and scientific awards Resource based funding of research in S&T

11 Policy Initiatives S & T Policy in 1991 S & T Council Act 1992
Policy for Supporting Research and Development 2007 S &T Initiative in 2007 RST Council established in 2008

12 Future Plan for Science and Technology Data
Commenced data collection & compilation in 2008 Budget provision for 2009 data collection & compilation Dispatch UNESCO database questionnaire Commence a HE Management Information System to link universities and research institutions

13 How have and can UNESCO Assist?
Exposing PNG to a workshop like this Conduct a similar workshop in PNG including other Pacific countries Build capacity and R & D data system in PNG

14 Conclusion PNG does not have an R & D centralised database system and needs UNESCO assistance to set it up

15 END Questions?

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