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Effective Public Engagement Helen-Louise Murphy Public Engagement Assistant.

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1 Effective Public Engagement Helen-Louise Murphy Public Engagement Assistant

2 Dr Jon Urch Public Engagement Co-ordinator Dr Helen-Louise Murphy Public Engagement Assistant Part of External Relations since Aug 2010

3 Outreach and Public Engagement Network (OPEN) North East University of Aberdeen Robert Gordon University Macaulay Land Use Research Institute Satrosphere University of Dundee Abertay University Scottish Crop Research Institute Dundee Science Centre St Andrews University Stirling University

4 What do we do? Help organise events, training, marketing and evaluation Disseminate information about opportunities and best practice Support impact statements and grant applications for Public engagement grants Liaise with other colleagues and organisations to use contacts effectively, avoid duplication and work collaboratively

5 Dundee Arts Cafe 1 st Tuesday every month At McManus Cafe Cafe Science Dundee Senior Researchers Last Monday of every month In Chambers Coffee house Cafe Science Extra Early Career Researchers 2 nd Wednesday every month In Dundee Science Centre

6 Magnificent Microbes Department of microbiology Meet the scientist event at Dundee Science Centre Alzheimer's Debate Public debate with Alzheimer's researchers In Arbroath

7 Dundee Science Festival 1 st - 14 th November 2010


9 Wellcome Trust Monitor Tracking Public Views on Medical Research The internet is the most used and preferred method for find inginformation about medical research But the information was more likely to be remembered if heard on tv or radio, or read in newspapers 6 in 10 people would prefer information produced by a doctor rather than a journalist or presenter 50% of people feel they hear too little about medical research Most people were willing to participate in medical research if it involved donating blood, tissue or allowing access to medical records, but only a quarter were willing if it involved testing new drugs or treatments – the most cited reason was not being aware of the risks to their health

10 Making your engagement effective 1.Planning 2.Diversity 3.Specific 4.Discussion 5.Evaluating

11 Upcoming training opportunities Generic Skills – Communicating Science to non-specialists – 10 th + 11 th November Public Engagement – If it's worth doing, it's worth doing well – 27 th October Workshop on quality in public engagement by Edinburgh Beltane NCCPE Engage 2010 conference - December National conference looking at how and why Universities should engage with the public And the launch of their Public Engagement Manifesto distilling learning from the Beacons projects BSA Science Communication Conference 2011 – May 2011

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