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Self-Advocacy Organizational Development Grants Review Panel Training.

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1 Self-Advocacy Organizational Development Grants Review Panel Training

2 Todays Presenters from AUCD Liz Weintraub Rachel Patterson

3 Webinar Schedule Introduction to Self-Advocacy Grants What are panel reviews? Timeline for reviewing grants AUCDs online application system Scoring rubrics Panel teleconferences

4 Background Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AIDD) Mini-grants to help self-advocacy organizations become more independent Result of the self-advocacy summits

5 The Grants Grant A: grants for self-advocacy organizations to grow and become stronger 5 grants of $5,000 Grant B: grants for self-advocacy organizations to provide peer-to-peer assistance help others grown and become stronger 3 grants of $30,000

6 What Are Panel Reviews? Most grants are reviewed by panels Reviewers will Read grants and write down the scores Work in groups to decide on a final score Our panels include: 1 Self-Advocate 1 DD Network Member 1 AIDD Staff Member Panel facilitator AUCD staff member

7 Important Documents for Panel Reviewers To be ready to review grants, you will need: The grant documents Panel Member Scoring Rubric (A and B) Grant Review Panel Notice If you have any questions, you should look to: Grant Review Frequently Asked Questions The RFA (Request for Applications) The webinar recordings

8 Your Job as a Reviewer is Very Important! It is important that you: Be impartial Read each grant thoroughly Ask questions when you have them Keep the information you read private

9 Timeline Reviewer training (right now) Applications due – November 26 Materials sent to reviewers – November 28 Reviewers read grants and provide scores – November 28- December 10 Additional webinar to answer your questions – December 6 Review panel discussions – December Awards Announced – December 21, 2012

10 AUCD Online Application System

11 Enter the AUCD Online System Type in the username and password that were ed to you

12 Your applications to review

13 Downloading applications Click on a document to download it Download each document in the application

14 Your applications to review

15 Reviewing applications - Rubrics

16 Reviewing Application – What do the points mean?

17 Reviewing applications - comments

18 Turn in your reviews Send finished rubrics to Anna at AUCD Please save files with the name of the self- advocacy organization and your last name For example: SpringfieldSelf-Advocates_Patterson

19 Panel teleconferences Phone/webinar conferences will be held December 10-18

20 If you ever need more information

21 Questions More Questions: Liz Weintraub – or ext. 212 Anna Costalas– or ext. 226

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