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GRUPO DE INVESTIGACIÓN EN OCEANOLOGÍA Training Young Specialists In The Field Of Sea Sciences At The Department Of Geosciences Of The National University.

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1 GRUPO DE INVESTIGACIÓN EN OCEANOLOGÍA Training Young Specialists In The Field Of Sea Sciences At The Department Of Geosciences Of The National University Of Colombia 50 Years of Education and Awareness Raising for Shaping the Future of the Oceans and Coasts: Sharing lessons learned and proposing long-term projections 27 - 30 April, 2010. Saint Petersburg, Russia Nancy Villegas Ingenier Oceanologist. Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics Proffesor of National University Of Colombia

2 01° 30´ N 79° 00´ W 06° 30´ N 84° 30´ W 06° 30´ N 77° 40´ W 01° 30´ N 84° 30´ W 08º 42´ N 77º 19´ W 14º 30´ N 82º 00´ W 14º 30´ N 71º 18´ W 11º 50´ N 71º 18´ W Caribbean coastline: 1600 km. Colombia: marine country Continental territory: 1.141.748 km² Marine territory: 919.376 km² Pacific coastline: 1300 km Marine limits: Colombian Caribbean Sea (CCS): Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragüa, Honduras, Jamaica, Haiti and Dominican Republic Colombian Pacific Ocean (CPO): Ecuador, Panama and Costa Rica.

3 GRUPO DE INVESTIGACIÓN EN OCEANOLOGÍA 339.100 km 2 589.560 km 2 Bogotá (54%) Orinoquia Arauca Palmira Manizales Medellín Caribe Branches NUC Tumaco National University of Colombia (NUC) 103 undergraduate programs, 107 specializations, 118 masters programs, 40 medical specialties, 33 doctorate programs Student community: 43,341 students of whom 39,382 belong to undergraduate programs 3,959 to postgraduate programs NUC was founded on September 22 of 1867

4 GRUPO DE INVESTIGACIÓN EN OCEANOLOGÍA Only 6 subjects are related to Sea Sciences (oceanography) in undergraduate program and 2 in postgraduate program. 7 of them are in Bogota, and 2 in Medellin. The others are related to marine biology. Subjects related to the Sea Sciences in the NUC

5 GRUPO DE INVESTIGACIÓN EN OCEANOLOGÍA Only 2 related to oceanography and meteorology: 1 in Medellin and other one in Bogota Research groups in Sea Sciences in the NUC

6 5 Marine Biologists 5 Biologists 1 Fishing resources 1 Natural Sciences 1 Lawyer 3 Civil engineers 1 Engineer Oceanographer 4 Naturales Resources 1 Biological Sciences 1 Coastal Oceanography 1 Oceanography 1 Tropical Ecology 1 Environmental and Evolutory Biology 1 Environmental Sciences and Aquatic systems 1 Administration in Fishing Resources 2 Physicists 2 Geologists 2 Natural resources 1 Marine Ecology 1 Geological Sciences 1 International law of the Sea 1 Hydro sciences and engineering 1 Technologies in Marine Sciences 1 Physics and Mathematics Sciences 21 Sea Sciences profesional diploma 20 PhD. Academic profiles of the university professors who conduct research in Sea Sciences at NUC According to the academic profiles of the university professors: 15 conduct research in marine biology; 5 in marine geology, 1 in International Law of sea; 1 in technology of ocean monitoring and 1 in oceanology.

7 GRUPO DE INVESTIGACIÓN EN OCEANOLOGÍA The research group in oceanography of the Geosciences Department CENIT prepares young investigators of the Magisterial academic program of Meteorology, who are studying ocean-atmosphere interaction and ocean dynamics.

8 ITCZ migration Panama jetMJO ENSO American Monsoon NAO The study of these phenomena allows the determination of their influence on the space distribution and on the seasonal, annual and inter-annual variability of the thermohaline and dynamic characteristics of the marine territory of Colombia.

9 No START DATE FINISH DATE TITLE OF THE PROJECT 103/2010Present Incidence of the climatic change on the physical and dynamic fields of CPO 208/2009Present Identification of homogenous zones in the sea-air interphase of the CCS and its relationship with the NAO. 302/2009Present Variability of the thermohaline stability and the upwelling vertical velocity in the CPO during 1971-2000 associated to long period regional ocean-atmosphere processes 408/200808/2009 Climatology of the thermohaline stability and fine structure activity of CPO 506/200806/2009 ITCZ migration and its relationship with upwelling distribution over CPO 612/200704/2009 Chlorophyll A distribution, upwelling zones and ITCZ migration over CPO 707/200706/2009 Location of monitoring stations in CPO based on the study of atmospheric and oceanographic data 805/200711/2008 Determination of water masses and climatology of atmospheric and oceanographic data of CPO 904/200601/2008 Software to determine the temporal and space distributions of upwelling zones over the CPO and analysis of these distribution with ITCZ migration 1005/200607/2007 Predicting of the variability of the sea surface temperature anomalies of the CPO 1107/20050/2007 Influence of meteorological factors in the CPO dynamics 1201/200512/2006 Numerical simulation of precipitation systems in Colombia and its space and temporary distributions. 1302/200412/2006 Objective analysis of MM5 model with the introduction of Colombian observed data. Projects developed by CENIT from 2004 to 2010

10 The results of the realised projects by CENIT have been presented in: 6 seminaries and congresses in Colombia and 7 in South-America. Unfortunately, because the field of investigation of CENIT is not widely reconnoitred in Colombia, the economic resources that our university provides for international publications are practically null. The economical support for investigations is only for 1 year, very short time, so submitting papers to international journals becomes impossible. 9 papers in Colombian journals and 3 in South American journals. 1 software, 1 chapter book and 1 book about the mathematical modelling of the thermohaline and dynamical characteristics of Colombian Pacific Ocean.

11 CENIT looked for an integration of 4 Colombian universities looking for joint strategies to structure an academic interuniversity program in Sea Sciences for Colombia using strengths of the 4 universities and with the support of the University of Cadiz, Spain BASIC SUBJECTSCREDITSELECTIVE SUBJECTSCREDITS Physical oceanography4Geology of Coasts of Colombia3 Chemical oceanography4Marine ecology3 Biological oceanography4Marine and Coastal engineering3 Marine geology4Paleoceanography3 Dynamic oceanography4Geodynamics3 Mathematical modeling of oceanographic processes 4 Statistical analysis of data and Experimental Design 3 Meteorology and Climatology4Petrography and geochemistry of the sea floor3 Physical and biological interaction in the ocean 4Biogeochemical cycles and global change3 Operational oceanography4Socio-economical bases3 Remote sensing and GIS4Policy and Legislation of the Sea3 Proposal of an interuniversity magisterial academic program in Sea Sciences for Colombia Proposed subjects for the magisterial academic program in Sea Sciences

12 Solving problems … Financing for mobility of foreign professors who will temporarily arrive to Colombia to teach the propose subjects Financing the interchange of our future students between the 4 universities to use the existing laboratories Financing the interchange of our future students towards foreign universities and institutions, where the opportunities for academic practices in oceanographic ships exist. Example: summer BFU practices programmed by the RSHU on board the Catamaran Centaurs II in the Baltic Sea

13 ITEMS AVAILABLE RESOURCES RESOURCES TO FINANCE TOTAL 1. RESOURCES FOR ACADEMIC ACTIVITY34.381,418.888,853.270,2 Infrastructure3.434,32.671,16.105,5 Equipment of laboratory7.631,80,07.631,8 Computers and audio-visual equipments14.347,89.539,823.887,6 Libraries and publications6.487,14.960,711.447,7 Provisions and maintenance2.480,31.717,24.197,5 2. ADMINISTRATIVE RESOURCES15.454,50,015.454,5 Office equipments9.158,20,09.158,2 Provisions and Maintenance1.526,40,01.526,4 Public services3.815,90,03.815,9 Publicity954,00,0954,0 3. ACADEMIC AND ADMINISTRATIVE PERSONNEL 17.950,1192.902,1210.852,2 Academic personnel13.676,219.659,633.335,8 Administrative personnel4.273,82.289,56.563,4 Displacement and mobility0,0137.372,9 Qualification0,033.580,1 4. OTHERS1.526,40,01.526,4 TOTAL69.312,3211.790,9281.103,2 Budget of the proposed academic program, Euros

14 GRUPO DE INVESTIGACIÓN EN OCEANOLOGÍA The NUC has potential for the investigation in oceanography and meteorology. Colombia needs the formation of specialists in Meteorology and Oceanography. But without university professors, infrastructure and financing, Colombia cannot reach it. Colombia needs that WMO and COI realise some supporting plans for the development of financing programs and scholarships for the students in meteorology and oceanography areas in our country THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION Reflections

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