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Disaster Risk Management - Status Review & Proposed Plan

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1 Disaster Risk Management - Status Review & Proposed Plan
R. Krishnamoorthy UNIVERSITY OF MADRAS Chennai, India

2 Our Strengths Expertise in the School of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences [Depts. of Geology, Applied Geology & Geography] Scientific data on tsunami hazards and earthquake risk / prediction studies Center for Natural Hazards & Disaster Studies [CNHDS] funded by MHRD, GOI

3 Our Strengths (Contd.) International Collaborations
Tsunami modeling - Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, IRD, "Géosciences Azur", IRD-CNRS-UNSA-UPMC, France Coastal Zone Management - Kyoto University

4 Our Strengths (Contd.) Recent Initiatives – collaborative projects in process Community Based Coastal Zone Management: Towards Pro-active Risk Communication Strategy for Effective Tsunami Mitigation in the Coastal Areas of India under - India-Japan Cooperative Science Programme (IJCSP) jointly with Kyoto University Emergency Tsunami Reconstruction Project: Preparation of ICZM plan and coastal vulnerability map for Tamil Nadu – The World Bank Establishment of National Early Warning System for Tsunami & Storm Surges in Indian Ocean – The Ministry of Earth Sciences, GOI

5 TASKS INSTITUTIONS 08: Mathematical Modeling 15: Bathymetry IIT
19: Coastal Protection Coordinating in tasks 4, 7, 14, 16, 20 IIT MADRAS APPLIED GEOLOGY UNoM 05: Land Capability Assessment 16/20: Training Programmes 21: Video Programme for Awareness Creation 23: Video Documentation (English/ Tamil) LOYOLA COLLEGE CAS-MB Annamalai U 12: Ecological data 14: Ecologically Sensitive Areas 19: Bioshield (Coordination with IIT) 12: Socio-economic data 20: Training on ICZMP 22: Awareness Workshop (Coordination with IOM, AU) MSE MSSRF MIDS TRINET 16: Stakeholder Management 20: ICZMP 21: Video programme for awareness 22: Street Plays/ Workshops 23: Video Documentation

03: Secondary data (~50 yrs) for natural hazards 11: GIS Database 13: Conflict resolution 14: ICZM Plan Preparation 16: Training modules 17: Detailed ICZM Plan 18: CRZ Recommendations 20-25: Overall Coordination IOM GEOLOGY 04: Geology/ Geomorphology 07: Relevant data collection for Task 4 01: Baseline Maps 02: Land Use Plan 09: Cadastral Maps IRS CES 08: Mathematical Modeling (Coordinating with OEC, IIT Madras) CDMM 06: Mitigation Measures (Coordinating with IOM) 20: Training on ICZM

7 Our Strengths (Contd.) Publications
Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) – The Global Challenge (February 2007) Research Publishing Services Disaster Management – The Global Challenges and Local Solutions (March 2008) Orient Longman India

8 Our Weakness Not much in capacity building activities
Guidance / Funding

9 MU – KU – METU (Proposed Plan) 2007-2009
Capacity Building Activities 1. Basic courses for graduate students 2. Short-term course for practitioners 3. Training for the trainers 4. International training workshops 5. Web-based courses Collaborative Research Project

10 MU – KU – METU (immediate tasks)
Finalization of MOU [January 2007] Preparation of proposals for short-term courses & training for trainers [March 2007] 2 ST courses for practitioners/Stakeholders [20 practitioners] 2 TFT [at MU or METU & KU] [ = 15 Trainers] [5 Trainers on visit] 2 Expert visits from KU, WBI & ISDR [5 Experts on visit] Funded by WBI and ISDR

11 MU – KU – METU (tasks) International training workshop [May 2008]
5 participants from METU region [WBI/ISDR funding] 15 participants from India [self supported] 15 participants from SA countries [facilitate funding from APN, IHDP, etc.] 5 participants from developed countries MU will host and provide University guesthouse, training hall, field visits & preparation training materials

12 MU – KU – METU (tasks) Joint collaborative research project 2007-09
Preparation of first draft – February 07 Final draft and submission – April 07 Opportunities Students / young scholars exchange visits Fellowship for young scholars leading to Ph.D. Funded by WBI & ISDR

13 MU – KU – METU (tasks) Post-graduate diploma course in the University curriculum [ ] – self supported Web-based courses [ ] – WBI/ISDR 2 end user workshops / brainstorming sessions [2009] – WBI/ISDR

14 University of Madras 2010 Adequate strength in capacity building
Generation of action oriented research outputs Extramural resource generation through funding projects

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