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LIAISON REPORT ICSU/CODATA Prof. LIU CHUANG Chinese Academy of Sciences 18 Oct. 2007, DLR, Germany.

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1 LIAISON REPORT ICSU/CODATA Prof. LIU CHUANG Chinese Academy of Sciences 18 Oct. 2007, DLR, Germany

2 The new regional office in LAC was launched on 18 th April 2007, which is hosted by the Brazilian Academy of Sciences in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and financial supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Brazil, together with ICSU and CONACYT. ICSU offices: Headquarter in Paris, AP regional office in Malaysia, African Regional Office in South Africa ICSU New Regional Office in LAC Was Established

3 Latin American and Caribbean members Argentina Brazil Bolivia Chile Colombia Costa Rica Cuba Guatemala Jamaica Mexico Panama Peru Uruguay Venezuela Caribbean Academy of Sciences Latin American Academy of Sciences (ACAL)

4 Biodiversity Natural Disasters Sustainable Energy and Mathematics Education All four priority areas will pay more attention to: data policy and management data collection, analysis and dissemination Priority Areas

5 CODATA/ICSU/IAP Joint Workshop Strategies for Open and Permanent Access to Scientific Information in Latin America: Focus on Health and Environmental Information for Sustainable Development ________________________________ 8 - 10 May 2007, Atibaia, Brazil

6 Workshop Objectives What are the main challenges and barriers to progress in providing permanent access to S&T data? What are promising means to overcome these challenges? What specific actions can we put into practice.

7 CBERS Supports ICSU/CODATA Activities Presented by the National Institute for Space Research (INPE) of Brazil in Latin America Workshop, 8-11 May 2007

8 Brazil-China CBERS Satellites Launc h 200 4 200 5 200 6 200 7 200 8 2009201 0 20112012 CBERS-22003 CBERS- 2B 2007 CBERS-32009 CBERS-42012

9 Free Access to CBERS2-B Data in China, LAC and Africa Brasil and China agreed on free data access of CBERS2-B in China, Latin American and Caribbean Countries, as wll as in African countries. South Africa and Spain will use their ground stations to receive, process and distribute CBERS data.


11 CODATA Task Group: Data for Sustainable Development in SADC Workshop in Pretoria, 14-15 May 2007 Jointly with TG on Preservation & Access to S&T Data in Developing Countries South Africa National Remote Sensing Center provide presentation for supporting CODATA in Southern African Region

12 Center of Earth Observation and Digital Earth (CEODE) will support the CODATA Task Group Workshop: Data Resources in Asia-Pacific Regions and Disaster Mitigations in Beijing, 3-5 December 2007

13 CODATA Global Road Working Group CODATA workshop on Global Road Dataset development, 1 October 2007, CIESIN/Columbia University, USA

14 CODATAs Network of Members 24 member countries and academies 15 Union liaisons 20 supporting organizations 11 Task Groups, Working Groups, and Commissions

15 Recommendations 1. WGISS is ready to be one of the formal supporting organization to CODATA/ICSU CODATA Liaison since 2005 WGISS session in 20th CODATA Conference WGISS supports CODATA national committees and task group activities

16 Recommendations 2. WGISS session at the CODATA 21th Conference, 5-8 October 2008 3 Any interesting for the Global Road Dataset development?

17 Thank you !

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