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INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION January 13-17. Monday, January 13 th WARM UP: List as many places that you can buy or sell items today. WOD: Free enterprise-economic.

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2 Monday, January 13 th WARM UP: List as many places that you can buy or sell items today. WOD: Free enterprise-economic system where few restrictions are placed on businesses Laissez-faire-the government does not interfere LAST ONE TO FINISH THE WARM UP IS THE LAISSEZ-FAIRE MAN

3 FREE ENTERPRISE +IS+MERCANTILISM&FORM=HDRSC3&a dlt=strict#view=detail&mid=2736A9551C418 5CD79C42736A9551C4185CD79C4 +IS+MERCANTILISM&FORM=HDRSC3&a dlt=strict#view=detail&mid=2736A9551C418 5CD79C42736A9551C4185CD79C4 +free+enterprise&FORM=HDRSC3&adlt=stri ct#view=detail&mid=7162351E24A47591C5C 37162351E24A47591C5C3 +free+enterprise&FORM=HDRSC3&adlt=stri ct#view=detail&mid=7162351E24A47591C5C 37162351E24A47591C5C3

4 Monday, January 13 th Draw a Venn Diagram of Mercantilism and Free Enterprise Pull up diagram on Active Inspire and complete as a class!

5 Monday, January 13 th SGPT: Why would some countries today not allow people to get on certain internet sites? True or False: Britain did little to regulate the economies of the colonies

6 Monday, January 13 th Pick the benefit of free enterprise (can only be 1) 1.Fewer slaves needed to work in factories 2.Less dependence on foreign products 3.More government involvement with business 4.Less specialized labor and production Compare answers with your neighbor. What is a synonym to free enterprise?

7 Tuesday, January 14 th WOD: Urbanization- the growth of cities. **Industrialism caused the growth of cities!!!!! Immigrant-a person who settles in a new country WARM UP: VIEW THE POLITICAL CARTOON-active inspire







14 Tuesday, January 14 th Urbanization What caused these 3 things to occur: Industrialization, Urbanization or Factory Systems?

15 You are an immigrant in America during the 1800s Write a letter home. ( Germany, Ireland, Italy) START YOUR LETTER WITH….DEAR, 1.Where you are working 2.What area of the US you are working in. (North, South, West) 3. List 3 difficulties you are facing living in a new country. (Elaborate on them) END YOUR LETTER WITH SINCERELY,

16 Wednesday, January 15 th WOD Interchangeable Parts-parts that exactly alike. It helps make our lives easier because you can repair things without getting the parts custom made. Invented by Eli Whitney

17 Wednesday, January 15 th Industrial Revolution 2012 ?q=olympics+industrial+revolution +theme&FORM=VIRE1&adlt=stri ct#view=detail&mid=AD809920E9 EF8FDCB843AD809920E9EF8FD CB843

18 Causes of the Industrial Revolution Page 28-Liberty Workbook

19 Interchangeable Parts Identical parts that can be substituted in the manufacture or repair of a product Invented by Eli Whitney to make muskets for the U.S. government

20 Assembly Lines Each worker adding one part in order to create a finished product Used first in Lowells textile (clothes) factories Resulted in the construction of factories across the Northern U.S.

21 Inventions Eli Whitney – Cotton gin Elias Howe – Sewing Machine Robert Fulton – Steam Boat Francis Cabot Lowell and Samuel Slater – Assembly lines and factories 1846 Singer

22 Results of the Industrial Revolution

23 Speedy Production Because of Assembly lines Interchangeable parts New Inventions 1846 Singer

24 Craftsmen Out Products used to be made by individual shop owners who were specialists Each product was different Now products were identical, and made in factories

25 Urbanization More and more people moved to cities where there were factory jobs This was more true of the North than the South which remained agricultural

26 Machines In Sewing Machines Cotton Gin Steam Power Bessemer Steel Process resulted in large sky scrapers that could now be built

27 Money Invested Investment Capital-Stock market invented investors would receive a percentage of profits New York became stock market center

28 More Workers Together People worked in large factories instead of small shops Immigrants The working class emerged

29 Wednesday, January 15 th Activity- Word Sort on Active Inspire! Draw diagram on your own paper and complete.

30 Thursday, January 16 th WOD: Assembly Line- a manufacturing process where interchangeable parts move in a sequence from station to station until a finished product is made. *this made production much faster and increased industrialization

31 Thursday, January 16th WARM UP: In groups of 3 create a flag from start to finish in 5 minutes using only: 1 glue stick 1 pair of scissors 3 sheets of paper

32 Thursday, January 16 th Innovation Walk-About Only do 9-10 today, finish tomorrow. Switch on teacher prompt.

33 Friday, January 17 th WOD: Textile- cloth or fabric that is woven Textile Mill- a factory where clothes are made

34 Friday, January 17 th WARM UP: Which bucket does not fit? Industrialization Mechanical reaper Cotton Gin Decrease in immigration Faster Transportation

35 Friday, January 17 th Assignment: Complete the Regional Impact Map questions on the back of your Regional Map from last week! Grade!

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