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2013 Strong Finish There is time to do it right!.

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1 2013 Strong Finish There is time to do it right!


3 PCS Employee Incidents by Department (YTD) What can YOU do to reduce the number of incidents in your area?

4 2013 (YTD) vs 2012/2011 First Aid Injuries 10/22/2013 Too many of us are getting hurt while on the job!

5 2013 (YTD) vs 2012/2011 Recordable Injuries 10/22/2013 Apply your safety knowledge and recognize the hazards before you get hurt! Lets finish strong in 2013!

6 Injuries by Month - 2013 (YTD) Continue the downward trend. We can do our jobs without getting hurt!

7 Injury by Body Part (YTD) - All Injuries Hand injuries – Sticking our hands where they do not belong!

8 2013 (YTD) Injuries by Cause Recognize the hazards, eliminate them before you start to work. Keep your body out of the line of fire while you work.

9 Incidents / Recordables / SIF Potential 2010-2013 YTD


11 Who will get hurt if a job hazard is not recognized? A. The General Manager ? (feelings and company finances) B. The Safety Manager ? (Feelings and Pride) C. You? (physical hurt, mental hurt, financial hurt, family hurt, regret and sorrow) and this could go on for a long period of time. D. Your co-workers- did you cause this to happen because you failed to see the hazard?

12 What do you see? Can that quick easy job turn into a nightmare? Do you see the same as the person working across from you? We must look at the job from every angle to recognize the hazards that may be present

13 Now, What do you see? Do you see the mans face? or Do you see the naked lady?

14 Everyone on your crew has something to add to your PTP Old man with a beard? Or Man, horse and angel? You need to participate It takes us all to identify the hazards. Take the number of years each crew member has worked and add them all together Apply that many years of experience and knowledge to the job.

15 Think about it A hazard that is recognized can be eliminated or mitigated What you dont see can hurt you. Ask, What If? What could go wrong? Remember…If theres time to do it over, theres time to do it right.


17 As the rate of near misses or first aids increase, so does the chance of severe injury! Injuries: A Matter of Probabilities 30,000 HAZARDS Unsafe Acts Unsafe Conditions 3,000 NEAR-MISSES OR FIRST AID 300 INJURIES REQUIRING MEDICAL ATTENTION 30 LOST-TIME INJURIES 1 FATAL

18 Eye & Face Injuries We have experienced 10 face and19 eye injuries this year. PCS experienced one recordable eye injury this year.

19 Recordable Eye Injury

20 OSHA requirements OSHA requires employers to provide eye and face protection as necessary. OSHA standards: 1910.132 – general requirements 1910.133 – general industry 1926.102 - construction PCS safety standards always meet or exceed those set forth by OSHA

21 Factors That Influence Our Decisions Personal Factors –Experience (Positive/negative) –Knowledge/Skill –Age –Physical Ability Situational Factors –Stress –Rushing –Control Organizational Factors –Safety System –Leadership Behaviors –Peer Behaviors

22 Facial injuries –Are usually caused by being struck by unsecured tools or flying objects. Eye injuries –Often caused by the act of removing glasses, goggles, etc. – Or by simply not wearing the required PPE Eye and face injuries

23 Resistance to change Does Safety slow a job down? PPE is uncomfortable I feel comfortable doing this and have done it this way a thousand times before Our Social Environment and Culture makes us resistant to change Remember…If theres time to do it over, theres time to do it right.

24 Injury Prevention Activities JHAs / PTPs / Procedures Engineering / Design Training Housekeeping Inspections / Observations / Audits Safety meetings Participate in injury prevention activities on and off the job


26 HAND INJURY FACTS Injuries involving the hands and fingers 18 out of the 107 First Aid injuries 11 out of the 15 Recordable injuries

27 RECENT HAND INJURIES –Mechanic mashed 2 fingers between ram and excavator frame –Employee removing old roller when sharp edge cut finger –Contractor pinched finger in pipe clamp requiring sutures –Mechanic pinched hand between impact wrench and metal stiffener

28 RECENT HAND INJURIES –Contractor pinched finger between man lift and adjacent I-beam –Contractor cut hand when hose adapter came off and hose jerked contacted hand –Contractor finger broke when port-a-power shim plate fell and struck hand

29 RECENT HAND INJURIES Contract employee pinched finger between steel rail tie and forklift fork PotashCorp employee was trying to insert a conveyor roller into position when the roller smashed his finger against metal.

30 RECENT HAND INJURIES Contract Employee who had his ring finger smashed by a falling piece of metal at the 8200 Dragline Construction Site Technician hand injured when piece of rigging fell from 90 elevation

31 Hand Injuries and Prevention The common factor is that most, if not all, could have been prevented Stay focused and dont get complacent, be aware of your surroundings at all times.

32 Hand Injuries and Prevention What Can We Do? Ask Questions! Be Prepared for the job! –WHAT could happen? –Be aware of the activity you are undertaking and possible consequences... –Am I aware of all the risks associated with this task? –WHICH tool is right for the job? –Ensure you have the correct tool and PPE for the task... –Is there something we can do to make it better / safer? –HOW could we make the job safer? –Challenge the method of work if your hands are placed in the line of fire –Am I accepting risk in the way I conduct this task? –COMPLETE & REVIEW the PTP prior to undertaking work activities –Have I become complacent as a result of performing this task many times before? –EXECUTE the safe work plan –Look out for others; dont be afraid to intervene on unsafe acts.

33 Hand Injuries and Prevention On nearly every job there is something which could potentially hit, spray, pinch or crush. The first priority is to eliminate these hazards if possible. If its not possible to fully eliminate the hazard, we must limit our exposure to those hazards –Stay out of the Line of Fire –Wear the appropriate PPE Remember…If theres time to do it over, theres time to do it right.


35 Every effort is made to ensure the facilities at the Aurora Site are operated and maintained in a way that will not result in upset conditions. Proper Evacuation

36 In the event that an unplanned release, fire, or other emergency requires evacuation, it is VERY IMPORTANT that all personnel, contractors and visitors evacuate properly. Proper Evacuation

37 Emergency Response Actions MOST important: The safe evacuation of personnel Accounting for all personnel

38 Responsibilities Supervisors Responsible for instructing personnel about the Departmental evacuation plan Evacuation route Evacuation points This is done on the first day of work and at least once annually

39 Responsibilities Each Employee and Contractor Responsible for knowing his/her evacuation route and evacuation points. Evacuation Wardens Responsible for evacuating and accounting for all personnel in their area Employees Contractors Visitors

40 How can YOU make a difference Know your responsibilities Employees Report to your Evacuation Warden Non-Nested Contractors Report to your Supervisor

41 What happens when YOU do your part Emergency Responders are not put at unnecessary risk going into dangerous areas searching for you

42 What happens when YOU do your part Friends, family and co-workers dont have to think the worst when you havent been accounted for

43 The Safety of all personnel is why Proper Evacuation ISIMPORTANT


45 As a corporation we know that contact with energized electrical sources has been an area that needs immediate improvement, especially at Aurora. Under the direction of Paul Dekok in September 2013 we formed the Phosphate Power Cable team. The team consists of employees from Aurora, Feed Group and White Springs. We have a weekly conference call each Tuesday at 3 p.m. where pertinent information is shared and assignments are made. Leveraging the power of the Phosphate Division Phosphate Power Cable Team

46 Power Cable trends Power cable incidents continue to increase for our site. Partly because we report ALL incidents. Partly because our exposure is greater due to mine layout.

47 Quick wins: Installed warning stickers in all heavy equipment to raise awareness Results of the division working together Phosphate Power Cable Team

48 Quick wins: Dragline cameras to allow operators to see the cable as the machine moves. Results of the division working together Phosphate Power Cable Team

49 Quick wins: Marking stakes Results of the division working together Phosphate Power Cable Team

50 In looking for engineering controls we found that there was not a system available for marking power cable and having monitoring systems in equipment to alarm when in close proximity to the cable. We had to get out of the box… We formed a relationship with Scan-Link Technologies to build a system to fit our needs, that system which relies on RFID indication will be demonstrated at Aurora in mid November. In searching for a cable locating system we also came across a collision avoidance system for heavy equipment. A trial is scheduled for January 2014 and it looks very promising. Increasing the hierarchy of controls Phosphate Power Cable Team

51 Changing the way we think… Leveraging the power of the BAPP process Phosphate Power Cable Team

52 Traditional safety and BAPP working together.… Leveraging the power of the BAPP process Phosphate Power Cable Team

53 By leveraging the resources of the division rather than just one site we have been able to come up with a great list of corrective actions to prevent future power cable incidents. We have learned that in order to be world class you have to think outside the box and in some cases be the one to develop the technology needed to solve our problems. Power of productive thinking Phosphate Power Cable Team

54 Theres more online: Visit us online Find us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Thank you

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