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Tulip City Airport Airport Master Plan Update Work Team Meeting April 30, 2009 Holland, Michigan.

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1 Tulip City Airport Airport Master Plan Update Work Team Meeting April 30, 2009 Holland, Michigan

2 Agenda Introductions Work Team responsibilities Purpose of the project Planning process Existing condition of facility Design criteria Data collection User inputs Next steps of project Questions

3 Mead & Hunt Founded in 1900 Aviation services since 1940s Provides services in: Architecture Engineering Planning Environmental Air Service Financial Planning

4 Work Team Responsibilities Work Team responsibilities include: Representing the interests of their stakeholders Representing the best interests of the community Assisting the project team with sharing and collaboration of information Providing input for project team Reviewing and commenting on project progress

5 Purpose of the Project Meet FAA requirements for planning documents: Master Plan Reviews existing conditions Provides guidelines for future development Airport Layout Plan Map of existing facilities Recommends locations for future development

6 Planning Process Project coordination & communication Data collection & inventory Projects of operations & demand Facility requirements Alternative analysis Environmental overview Estimates of probable cost Public information process Master Plan Report & ALP plan set

7 Data Collection Existing Facilities Chapter 1 Aircraft Reference Code Design Criteria Aircraft Operations Existing Projections User Surveys Based aircraft Itinerant users

8 Existing Facilities Runway 8/26 6,264 feet long by 100 feet wide HIRL, PAPI, & REIL Runway 26 has ILS Terminal 2,000 square feet Hangars Corporate and private aircraft hangars Tulip City Air Service Provides FBO services

9 Aircraft Reference Code AIRPORT REFERENCE CODES Aircraft Approach Category Category AApproach speed < 91 knots Category B91 knots to 120 knots Category C121 knots to 140 knots Category D141 knots to 165 knots Category E166 knots or more Airplane Design Group Group IWingspan < 48 feet Group II49 feet to 78 feet Group III79 feet to 117 feet Group IV118 feet to 170 feet Group V171 feet to 213 feet Group VIGreater than 214 feet B-I: Piper Navajo Chieftain B-II: Cessna Citation Bravo D-II: Gulfstream IV A-I: Cessna 172 Tulip City Airport is categorized as a D-II facility

10 Airport Design Runway Protection Zone (RPZ) – Enhances protection of people and property on the ground Runway Safety Area (RSA) – Enhances safety of aircraft that overshoot, undershoot, or veer off a runway Object Free Area (OFA) – Requires protruding objects to be cleared from the edges of the safety area Building Restriction Line (BRL) – Identifies suitable building area locations on airports RPZ RSA OFA BRL RWY TWY

11 Airport Operations Airport Operation Forecasts: General trends Operations by fleet mix Based aircraft Methods of forecasting: Terminal Area Forecasts (TAF) Market Share Socioeconomic Based Aircraft Year Itinerant Air Taxi Itinerant GA Itinerant Military Local Civil Total Airport Ops 20064,30021,9402026,26052,520 Year Single EngineJet Multi- EngineHelicopterOtherTotal 2007361180156 Airport Operations Based Aircraft Source: FAA APO Terminal Area Forecast

12 User Inputs Needed/desired facilities Airside Runway length Runway orientation Navigational aids Instrument approaches Landside Terminal building improvements Hangars Services

13 User Inputs Operational Data Number of aircraft operations Types of aircraft Frequency of use Users dependence of airport Personnel Cargo Clients Review sample surveys

14 Next Steps Next steps: Create survey Refine survey Define recipients of survey Conduct survey Assess results Projections based on findings Work team meeting to review

15 Questions? Any questions/comments? Contact info: Stephanie Ward or Zachary Puchacz at: (517) 321-8334

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