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Lindbergh Field International Airport New Terminal Bill Mahoney LSW Engineers.

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1 Lindbergh Field International Airport New Terminal Bill Mahoney LSW Engineers

2 Lindbergh Field International Airport Two original terminals New terminal added, 320,000 square feet 750,000 square feet total in 3 terminals Concrete or metal panel & insulated steel framed walls Concrete filled metal deck with rigid insulation

3 Lindbergh Field International Airport Original Equipment Serving 2 original terminals 30 year old water cooled centrifugal chillers –R-11 refrigerant, 400 to 600 tons, 0.80 kW/ton Cooling towers for heat rejection Constant volume pumping Constant volume single duct reheat air delivery system Mix of pneumatic and direct digital controls

4 Lindbergh Field International Airport Project Scenario Need for airport expansion Original central plants old and inefficient Not enough cooling capacity in original terminals, frequently above comfort range Equipment for all 3 terminals consolidated into one new central plant

5 Lindbergh Field International Airport Project Challenges Fast construction track –9 months to build plant Coordinating construction of new plant with existing terminal renovations –keeping existing terminal cooled Routing distribution system through operating parking areas & landside of terminals

6 Lindbergh Field International Airport New Cooling Plant Four 800 ton electric centrifugal chillers –R-123 refrigerant, 0.49 kW/ton at full load –one chiller has a variable speed drive for part load performance of less than 0.40 kW/ton Four oversized cooling towers –provide 80°F condenser water at design conditions Condenser water pumps with individual tower bypass –individual setpoints for each chiller Primary/secondary/tertiary chilled water system –constant speed primary pumps, variable secondary & tertiary pumps

7 Lindbergh Field International Airport Reduced Loads in New Terminal Low emissivity dual glazing used extensively –window U-values of 0.30 Btu/hr/sq.ft./°F, versus 0.50 for typical double pane windows –shading coefficient of 0.32 versus 0.70-0.90 normally Automated daylighting system –only uses electrical lighting system when needed Carbon dioxide rise monitoring –reduces outside air levels when occupant load is less than design

8 Lindbergh Field International Airport Other Features Three 75 therm, 200 horsepower gas boilers –hooked into primary/secondary/tertiary water pumping system –variable frequency drives on secondary & tertiary pumps Variable flow fans used with variable flow drives Economizers used on all fan systems –can admit up to 100% outside air to new terminal –up to 50% outside air in old terminals Central automated control system –bid as a separate contract, for uniformity across all buildings

9 Lindbergh Field International Airport Planned for Future Expansion Room for a fifth chiller & cooling tower Possible gas fired absorption chiller Chilled water piping arranged to preferentially load a future gas fired chiller during peak rate periods Condenser water piped to adjust entering temperature for each individual chiller

10 Lindbergh Field International Airport Central Plant Costs Final rebate was actually much larger

11 Lindbergh Field International Airport Efficiency Measures in New Terminal Efficiency measures allow for smaller chillers and reduce total electricity & gas consumption

12 Lindbergh Field International Airport Financing Structure Finananced through the Port of San Diego $240 million expansion project –$105 million new terminal construction –$7 million central plant –$10 million utilities distribution Chillers competitively bid, based on performance, then assigned to contractor

13 Lindbergh Field International Airport Project Timeline New terminal will open in Jan 98 ~ 3 years after design began –Project conception, Nov 94 –Engineering analysis Jan - Feb 95 –Installation & construction Dec 95 - Aug 96, 9 months total –Commissioning Aug 96

14 Lindbergh Field International Airport Project Results Highly efficient central plant Improved cooling to existing terminals Consolidation of airport equipment into one central plant Energy efficient new terminal design Overall lower operating costs Ready for future expansion

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