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Airport/Facility Directory

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1 Airport/Facility Directory

2 Airport Facility Directory
Published every 56 days Covers the Continental US in 6 sections Contain useful information on all public airports (some private and military airports too) and radio aids to navigation

3 Information Available
Seaplane bases Special Notices Lights out operations ATC waivers Controlled firing areas Aerobatic practice areas Noise abatement Land and Hold Short operations (dist. Available) FAA & FSDO phone numbers ARTCC & FSS frequencies VFR waypoint lat/longs VOR reciever checkpoints and VOTs Parachute Jumping Areas Aeronautical Chart Bulletins Tower Enroute Control (IFR) Airport diagrams


5 5 miles North East of nearest town/city
N36o11.90’ W95o53.29’ Latitude/Longitude (TUL) Airport Identifier UTC-6(-5DT) Time Zone S4 Major Powerplant Major Airframe Types of Oxygen for pressurization systems 677 Airport Elevation Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Level Landing Rights Airport B Airport Beacon Types of Fuel



8 Threshold crossing height 57’ Type of approach lighting
Touchdown Zone Lighting Runway 36R Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPA 4 bars Left side of RWY) Angle of the PAPI 3 degrees


10 In the remarks you can find non-standard traffic pattern altitudes, hours of operation, and any airport additional information


12 Low Level Wind Shear Alert System
Automated weather info Terminal Doppler Weather Radar App/ Dep have Radar Remote Communications outlet freq. and # Ground Control Clearance Delivery


14 Smaller airports don’t have their own NOTAM file Lat/Long of VORTAC
The VORTAC is on the 264 radial 4.9nm to field Elevation 770 8E error (H)= High service volume VORTAC W=without voice Military use: has DME Location frequency indent (MHW/LOM) Medium High service volume W=without voice

15 High Intensity Runway Lights
On Kansas sectional AD= airport diagram High Intensity Runway Lights Centerline Lights


17 City and State of Airport Date of latest change 2009 351 day
(SDF) Airport Identifier City and State of Airport Date of latest change day Airport Frequencies Runway declared distance info available see appropriate A/FD

18 Runway exact Magnetic Heading
Field elevation Displaced threshold Runway slope Runway exact Magnetic Heading Effective dates Runway elevation ILS hold short line Runway weight limits Pavement Classification number Airport Variation

19 Want to go see the Blue Angels?
Special Notices: 2009 U.S. & Canadian military Aerial Aircraft/Parachute Demonstrations Dates & Locations of Thunderbirds Blue Angels Canadian Snowbirds USA Golden Knights

20 Other info in Special Notices
Noise Abatement Procedures Aerobatic Practice Area Controlled Firing Area- not on chart Helicopter Activity Night Vision Lights out Operations Laser Light Demonstrations Air-to-air frequency VFR Departures

21 Cuban Flight Advisory (UNTIL FURHER NOTICE) The FAA has been informed that an official Cuban government publication has issued a warning that Cuban Armed Forces will shoot down any aircraft that penetrates Cuban Airspace illegally and refuses to obey an order to land for inspection All pilots should take note: use extreme caution in the area of Cuban Airspace; adhere strictly to Cuban requirements for over flight of their territory

22 FAA and NWS Telephone numbers
TIBS- phone info briefing Service Continuous recordings of meteorological and/or aeronautical info including area/ route briefings, airspace procedures and announcements. TWEB- Transcribed Weather Broadcast Provide access to TWEB on selected navigation facilities for a specific route Restricted # for Aviation Weather Information §§- Fast File (Flight Plan Filing only) # - National AFSS Numbers

23 TAF and METAR decoder POP QUIZ!
Descriptor BC PR MI Precipitation UP PL GS SG Obscuration BR FU VA DU Other SQ FC SS

24 Answers! Descriptor Obscuration Precipitation Other BC= Patches
PR= Partial MI= Shallow Precipitation UP= Uknown Precip PL= Ice Pellets GS= Small hail/snow pellets SG= Snow grains Obscuration BR= Mist >=5/8sm >FG FU= Smoke VA= Volcanic Ash DU= Widespread Dust Other SQ= Squall FC= Funnel Cloud SS= Sandstorm

25 Other information in the A/FD
FSDO Addresses and Phone numbers Q Routes Nav routes that extend more than 12 nm off shore MOCA= 1500’ clearance MEA 6000’ VFR waypoint –list and Lat/Long

26 VOR Receiver Checkpoints
Dual VOT Ground Airborne Homemade on victor airway > 20nm over significant landmark

27 Parachute Jumping Areas
Only active during daylight hours and VFR To become listed and charted Be in operation for 1 year Operate year round Log 4,000 or more jumps each year

28 Aeronautical Chart Bulletin
Issues changes since sectionals are issued every 6 months and A/FD are issued every 56 days

29 EFAS Enroute Flight Advisory Service Routes Times Frequencies

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