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2 Survey – Beliefs in Human Evolution

3 Skeletal Comparisons

4 PosturePongidHominid Bent over or quadrapedal; Knuckle walking common Upright or bipedal

5 Leg and Arm PongidHominid Arms longer than legs, adapted for swinging by arm usually among trees Legs usually longer than arms; adapted for striding

6 FeetPongidHominid Low arches; opposable big toes capable of grasping High arches; big toes in line with others; adapted for walking

7 TeethPongidHominid Prominent; large gaps between canines and nearby teeth Reduced; reduced or absent gaps

8 SkullPongidHominid Bent forward from spinal column; very rugged; prominent brow ridges Upright on spinal column; smooth brow ridges

9 FacePongidHominid Jaws jut out; very heavy; very wide nasal opening; sloping Vertical profile; More distinct chin; Prominent nasal spine

10 Brain Size PongidHominid 280 705 cm 3 (current)400 2000 cm 3 (fossil to present)

11 Proposed Hominid Evolution

12 Comparison of Hominid Brain Size

13 This genetic distance map made in 2002 is an estimate of 18 world human groups by a neighbor-joining method based on 23 kinds of genetic information.

14 Out of Africa


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