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Its a great time to partner with Heartland Campus Solutions.

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1 Its a great time to partner with Heartland Campus Solutions

2 Heartland Campus Solution Clients

3 Access & Security Dining Attendance Tracking Print Management Parking Bookstore Financial Event Management Vending Off campus programs Alert notification Mobile Solutions Laundry ID Production Campus OneCard System OneCard Does It All…

4 OneCard Access and Security Designed for the Campus Environment!

5 OneCard Dining Fast processing with minimal keystrokes Seamlessly integrated to Campus OneCard System

6 OneCard Print Flexible options to manage campus printing

7 OneCard Box Office Automate and increase ticket sales via web Selection and purchase of assigned seat tickets Multiple venues See section pricing and seating charts Tickets in PDF format with scannable barcodes Benefits Easy setup and operation Reduce administrative cash handling and reconciliation

8 OneCard Financial Dining Print Management Vending Laundry Bookstore Library And more…

9 OneCard, Credit and Debit at laundry machine 100% wireless system Real time machine status for operator and cardholder Simple installation and setup Cardholders receive text message when laundry is done Secure – PA-DSS compliant Full suite of operator reports providing real time and historical data

10 WaveVision Room Status – Consumer PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL

11 Mobile DCT

12 OneWeb Mobile

13 Financial Aid Refund Management Electronic refunds Eliminate paper checks DOE Title IV compliant No student fees

14 Decrease time to process refunds Heartland handles card-fulfillment duties Heartland handles all exceptions and Customer Service Freeing your staff for more important tasks No local servers or software required DOE Title IV Compliance 24/7 Customer Support Jeffersonville, IN Institution Benefits

15 Student Benefits Receive all disbursements faster Use card everywhere Discover is accepted, online or phone Virtually no cost to student No prequalification required Protected if card lost or stolen pay nothing for unauthorized purchases Get cash at ATMs

16 What Makes Heartland Different? Lowest total cost of ownership –Easy to install –Easy to maintain –Cost-effective annual maintenance fees Single student database for all applications –Dining –Print –Access Control –Vending, laundry –And all other applications Superior customer service Integrated OneCard and financial aid refund management Competitive pricing

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