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JALT Informational Meeting June, 26 2009 JALT2009 JALT2010 General Announcements.

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1 JALT Informational Meeting June, 26 2009 JALT2009 JALT2010 General Announcements

2 JALT2009 Educational Material Exhibit Publications Featured Speaker Workshops Publicity Special Events

3 Educational Material Exhibit EME times - start 9:00 every day to –18:15 on Saturday and Sunday –14:00 on Monday EME Prime Time –Saturday 16:10-16:35 –Sunday 16:10-16:35 Drinks & Food Book Exchange

4 Publications Quick Guide termination? Conference Handbook changes

5 Featured Speaker Workshops 11:10-12:40 on Saturday and Sunday Limited to 40 people Ticket system Pre-Plenary Announcements

6 Publicity Yomiuri advertising - conf & org Online promotion –Forums –Facebook In-JALT promotion

7 Special Events Sake evening Movie Screening Poetry Corner

8 JALT2010 Nagoya - Nov. 20-23 Theme: Creativity in Language Learning Co-Chairs: Steve Brown, Donna Tatsuki Featured Speaker Changes 2 day conference?

9 Timeline July 16: Registration Opens September 18: Registration Closes October: Deadline for any changes 2010 January/February: Plenary/FS Applications February: Annual Ad Contracts April: Vetted Submissions May: Unvetted Submissions

10 General Announcements TLT New Initiatives Introductory AM offer Terms of Agreement

11 The Language Teacher Current mailing New mailing AM articles

12 New Initiatives Research Grant expansion –Open to full membership –Targeted research area Mutually beneficial arrangements –Supporting AM goals and promotion –Added value for JALT members

13 Introductory AM offer The AM Sampler is a one-time offer available to any organization that neither currently is, nor has ever been a JALT Associate Member. Upon approval of membership by JALT executives, and receipt of payment within 30 days of invoicing, the organization is entitled to the following exclusively for the first year of JALT membership. 1) rights equal to Supporting member 2) advertisements at AM rates 3) limited to one unit of display space at the conference, including one table and two chairs. i) There is no possibility of getting another unit of space, unless upgrading to regular membership rates. ii) Additional equipment for that one unit of space can be purchased at regular rates. 4) Limited to two display (full-conference?) personnel. 5) Location of the booth is allocated at the discretion of the JALT business manager. This contract will be null and void under the following circumstances. i) Payment in full is not received within 30 days of an invoice being mailed. ii) If any terms under either the Membership or Conference Terms of Agreement have been violated.

14 Terms of Agreement General - revised Conference - new addition


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