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INTRADISTRICT TRANSFERS Review 2009-2010 Process 2010-2011.

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2 Data Total Intradistrict Transfers 1285 New NCLB Transfers 235 Total Interdistrict Transfers IN 275 (112 employment) Total Interdistrict Transfers OUT 543 (247 employment)

3 Challenges Keeping abreast of data Coordinating all efforts Responding to budget reductions Satisfying families & staff Keeping school and class enrollment balanced

4 The Timeline September September 15: Last day Intras and Inters can be displaced if space is needed by resident student Process begins: Inform administrators, clerical staff and parents of process and deadlines. Distribute transfer information (i.e. sample forms, newsletter inserts, flyers)

5 The Application Process Begins.. October Open enrollment begins October 1 st Intradistrict Transfer Forms distributed Completed forms returned to Student Services New for receipt process

6 Time waits for no one! November Reminder notices for newsletters Message: All 5 th & 8 th graders: Deadline for intras: Jan. 15 th Message: All 5 th and 8 th graders attending school on intras must reapply if they intend to continue in the same feeder pattern

7 The process continues December Forms are accepted and processed Keep reminding parents that January is just around the corner

8 Time is Up! (Grades 1-12) January Last Day to receive Intras: JANUARY 15, 2010 No More Intras after Today!

9 Kindergarten February 2/2: K Registration 2/13: Lottery (1-12) 2/26: Last day to receive Intras for Kindergarten March 3/12 Kindergarten Lottery

10 Time for Decisions April 4/15: Notification sent to parents, sending & receiving schools (6-12) 4/18 – 6/30: Appeals (6-12)

11 Elementary June 6/15: NCLB Notification sent to parents, sending & receiving schools (K-5) 6/16 – 8/23: Appeals (K-5) August 8/16: School Choice Notification sent to parents, sending & receiving schools (K-5) 8/17 – 8/23: Appeals (K-5)

12 Interdistrict Transfers January 1/16: Forms are distributed for June 6/30: Approval to District notifications are sent to parents August 8/23: Placement Option sent to parents & receiving schools 8/23 – 9/15: Appeals

13 Timely Reminder Intras and Inters can be displaced until Sept. 15 th if space is needed by resident student!

14 Questions? At your service… Student Services

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