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2 If you are looking for an affordable, user-friendly, web-based system for managing and tracking technology support requests, MyTechDesk may be the solution for you. Why? … Because its free...All K-12 schools and districts in California have access to MyTechDesk at no cost, as a service provided by the TechSETS project.

3 Standard Features MyTechDesk initially released in 2003 Standard features listed at Version 2.0 released earlier this year

4 Standard Features MyTechDesk Version 1 Features Access rights delegationCalendar pop-up windows Color-coded listsCustom fields Data exportEmbedded Quick-Help End-User submission of ticketsGroup directory Logo uploadMessaging Online file storagePassword resetting Performance stats at a glancePrint view of tickets Report generatorSearch all tickets/responses Self-assigning of tickets by staffStatus notifications Storing of filter settingsSub-groups and locations Text field pop-up windowsTime tracking

5 Version 2.0 Features Inventory management through integration with EdZone Assets. Reset your password Improved custom fields – up to five custom fields which may be used as filters in the list and report generator Improved Locations – If you are using MyTechDesk as a district, locations may be the different schools. If you are using MyTechDesk as a school, locations could be different buildings.

6 Version 2.0 Features Staff removal Assign username and password to requestors Ticket canceling Importing of requestors – Requestor accounts can be created using an import process. Alternate location – To accommodate requestors who may work at different locations, it is now possible to assign a ticket to an alternate location.

7 Version 2.0 Features Auto-filtering of tickets based on categories and location – Staff can now be assigned to specific categories and locations. This feature will not automatically assign the ticket, but staff will be able to see tickets in the categories and locations with which they are associated. To-Do lists within tickets – A single ticket may have multiple to-do items associated with it. View ticket status and transaction history – tickets now show three types of history: notification, response, follow- up.

8 Version 2.0 Features Requestor notification of ticket status change – Requestors automatically receive information regarding status change of tickets they have submitted. A complete ticket report can be emailed to requestor upon request. Additional message/footer in ticket notifications – Staff members now have the ability to include additional text to the e-mail notification sent out to requestors Customizable ticket listing – 20, 50, or 100 tickets per page. Also staff and requestors names can be displayed first, last or last, first.

9 New Features Customizable requestor form – Group managers now have the ability to display some or all of the custom fields on the requestor's new ticket submission page. Ticket withdraw/cancellation by requestor. Ticket history – Requestors are now able to view their ticket history. Ticket follow-up – Allows requestors to follow up on a pending ticket. They may want to add more details to their tickets or inquire about the status of a ticket.

10 The Basics Three types of MyTechDesk accounts Group Manager Oversees technical support requests Assigns access rights for staff Assigns fields on requestor screen Staff People responding to technical support requests Requestors People requesting technical support

11 Request a Demonstration You may request a personal tour of MyTechDesk Complete the Live Demo request The demonstration will cover creating work tickets, activity reports, and any other feature that interests you All from the convenience of your computer

12 Request a Group Account 1. Click on the Order button on the MTD home page to access the application. 2. Complete the application form. 3. Wait for approval (usually 24 hours).

13 URLs: TechSETS http://www.techsets.org MyTechDesk MyTechDesk tutorials MyTechDesk support blog MyTechDesk brochure df df

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