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Text 1 July, 2010 DCMS: Training Manual Help Desk Management.

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1 Text 1 July, 2010 DCMS: Training Manual Help Desk Management

2 13 June 2014 2 DCMS Web Application Help Desk Management Training Manual

3 13 June 2014 3 Introduction DCMS is a system, demanded by HPCL to remain leader in the LPG industry of India. This manual makes the user acquainted with the services offered by the Online Help Desk of DCMS.

4 13 June 2014 4 Purpose This manual guides the distributors on how to use the Online Help Desk of DCMS. Intended Audience Distributors of HP Gas

5 13 June 2014 5 Organization of the Manual Section/Chapter NameShort Description LoginLogging In to the Online Help Desk. Ticket ManagementLogging and Searching Tickets. HelpContain Frequently Asked Questions and an option to download the User manual. User ManagementAllows User to change the Login Password.

6 13 June 2014 6 Online Help Desk Help Desk is an online support system available to the users of the system in case of any difficulties. 1.To avail the service, one has to log in to the Online Help Desk with the Log In ID and Password provided to them. 2.To log in, one has to enter the following URL into the address bar of the Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or any other like Internet Browser: http:// /HelpDeskApp/index.aspx

7 13 June 2014 Login screen Login Id Password Log In

8 13 June 2014 1.On entering the Login ID and the Password, the user is shown a Select User Role drop down Menu. 2.This list is customized to offer only those roles to an individual user that he should be able to log in with.

9 13 June 2014 Select User Role Login screen after clicking on Log In…

10 13 June 2014 The First Screen after a Successful Login…

11 13 June 2014 1.Whenever the User reports any difficulty pertaining to the system, he is said to have logged a ticket. 2.Logging a ticket involves generation of a Ticket Number with which the Ticket can be accessed further. 3.Ticket Management is undertaken through two screens: a. Log New Ticket b. Search Ticket Ticket Management

12 13 June 2014 Log New Ticket 1.This screen is highly customized to help the User identify and log his Complaint properly. 2.A 4-step hierarchy is used where selection of values in one step directly affects the values available in the next step. This helps the User to categorize the Problem step by step. 3.The steps involved are: a. Category b. Type c. Item d. Summary

13 13 June 2014 Category Type Item Summary

14 13 June 2014 1.The Severity indicates Business Criticality of the problem. 2.The Priority indicates the Level of Priority desired by the User. 3.Files upto 2 MB and of specified file types may also be uploaded if required. 4.Values for the fields Screen Code and the Version can be obtained by running the Application and checking the Screen Code of the problematic screen and the Version Number of the Application. 5.Once Submitted, a Ticket Number gets generated and the Ticket Status gets set Open.

15 13 June 2014 Version Screen Code Version and Screen Code

16 13 June 2014 1.Complaints logged by an User can be searched using this screen. An User can however view only the Complaints logged by himself. 2.Orders can be looked up on the basis of a number of criteria like From Date and To Date, Ticket Number, Ticket Status etc. 3.Providing two or more of the above inputs greatly refines the Search results. 4.In the Ticket Details table displayed as result, the Ticket Numbers remain hyper linked and clicking on each entry shows the details of the Order in a View/Solve Ticket screen. Search Ticket

17 13 June 2014 Search Ticket screen… Ticket No.

18 13 June 2014 Once Opened, the Ticket is sent to a suitable Support Staff who views it, resolves it and leaves a Message to User regarding the resolution. The Ticket Status is then set to Resolved. The User can again view the Ticket, read the message from the Support Staff and decide if he is satisfied or not. If satisfied, the User may set the status to Closed, else he can set the Status to Reopened and leave User Remarks. This cycle of Resolving and Reopening continues till the User is satisfied with the solution and Closes the Ticket.

19 13 June 2014 View / Solve Ticket screen… Message to User User Remarks Status

20 13 June 2014 Help to the Users is offered through two options which are as follows: 1. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 2. Manual Help

21 13 June 2014 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 1.FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions include the common problems that an User might face while using the system and their logical solutions presented in a Question-Answer fashion. 2.Following the solutions suggested on this page, a number of User quests maybe answered. 3.One can return to the Home Page by clicking on the Back button.

22 13 June 2014 Frequently Asked Questions screen…

23 13 June 2014 1.On clicking the Manual option under Help, the system prompts the Users whether they would like to Download the User manual or not. 2.On clicking the Open button the Manual is displayed to the User while clicking the Save button saves it to the User's computer. 3.Clicking on Cancel closes the prompting window. Manual

24 13 June 2014 Pop-up Window for User Manual Download… Click on Save

25 13 June 2014 1.User Management deals with maintenance of the User Accounts. 2.It involves a Change Password screen. 3.The User has to provide the Old Password, the desired New Password and a reconfirmation of the New Password an then click on the Submit the request or cancel the request by clicking on the Back button. 4.It must however be kept in mind that the New Password must contain at least one Lower Case character, one Upper Case character, one Numeric Digit, one Special character. The Password should have a length in the range of 8-16 characters. User Management

26 13 June 2014 Old Password Click on Submit Confirm Password New Password Change Password screen…

27 13 June 2014 27 Thank You

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