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Campus Safety & Health Seminar Family Orientation 2013.

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1 Campus Safety & Health Seminar Family Orientation 2013

2 Todays Program Marquette Trends Campus Resources Department of Public Safety MU Medical Clinic Counseling Center Student Development Questions

3 Lets think about yesterday…

4 Student Trends, Norms & Beliefs

5 Academics 20% of new students expect the highest degree they will earn will be a bachelors degree 40% expect to earn a masters degree 40% expect to earn an advanced degree

6 Academics Nearly all new students predicted they would end their first year of college with a GPA of 3.0 or higher 45% of freshman typically end the year with a cumulative GPA below 3.0

7 Student Engagement 85% of MU students are involved or have been involved in student organizations The most popular types of student orgs at Marquette are: o academic/professional - 43% o Service - 37%

8 Student Engagement 87% of MU students have engaged in service during their time at MU 15% of students are involved in faith & spiritual programming 60% of students identify as Catholic

9 Health & Wellness Top 5 reported health problems/concerns: 1.allergies 2.sinus infection 3.strep throat 4.back pain 5.asthma

10 Health & Wellness 2012-13 factors affecting students academic performance: 1.26% stress 2.21% cold/flu/sore throat 3.19% sleep difficulties 4.17% anxiety

11 College Student Mental Health Age of onset for many issues is college years Counseling Centers are typical mental health clinics Less stigma about getting help Medications allow access to higher education More complicated diagnosis

12 Common Mental Health Concerns in College Students In the past 12 months have you NationalMU Had difficulty functioning due to depression 30.4%30.2% Seriously considered suicide 6.6%6.1% Been dx with depression11.1%11.4% Been diagnosed with anxiety 12.0%10.3 Had alcohol impact academics 3.6%6.7%

13 Marquette University Counseling Center Address issues of normal developmental process of becoming an adult and transitioning to college (i.e. separation anxiety, academic challenges, identity development, break ups) More serious problems (i.e. eating disorders, alcohol abuse, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts/behaviors, significant losses, trauma)

14 What we know about the students we see: Data from CC stats 2012/2013: 20% on psychiatric medications 1.9% have thoughts of harming others 47% been in therapy before 55% anxiety, 44% depression, 30% academic concerns, 28% relationship issues 32 hospitalizations 19% suicidal risk CC clients report improvement in symptoms that contribute to increased academic performance (60%) Students are receptive to seeking mental health treatment (10% of students)

15 Alcohol & the College Effect Incoming students prior to arrival on campus: – 63% identify as non-drinkers – 14% light-moderate drinkers – 24% high-risk drinkers (5% problematic) Incoming students 6 weeks after arrival on campus: – 54% identify as non-drinkers – 15% light-moderate drinkers – 31% high-risk drinkers (6% problematic)

16 Other Substance Use First 6 weeks of the semester are critical in formation of habits that help ensure academic success 6% of first year population endorse marijuana use Both primary and secondary consequences of high risk drinking and drug use are well known Good Samaritan Policy to encourage students to seek assistance for a peer in medical emergencies related to AOD

17 Sexual Violence 75% of MU students had 0 or 1 sexual partners in the last year (NCHA, 2012) 95% of MU students are comfortable asking for or giving consent in a sexual relationship (EBI, 2013)

18 Personal Safety # 1 crime is unsecured & unattended property Be aware of your environment & walk in groups or utilize campus resources

19 Patrol Zone N. 7th St. to N. 24th St., W. Clybourn St. to W. Highland Ave.

20 LIMO Program 250,000 LIMO transports per year.

21 There are 619 DPS Cameras located in the and around the MU community… but remember we live in a digital world and cameras surround each of us. Cameras

22 Blue Light Phones There are 450 blue light phones located in the MU campus community.

23 Campus Resources

24 Department of Public Safety

25 Department of Public Safety (DPS) 749 N. 16th Street, first floor of the 16 th Street Structure Open 24 hours a day, every day Almost 90 full-time officers Services: – Vacant House Watch – Student Safety Patrol (walking patrol)

26 Contact Phone Numbers: LIMOs- (414) 288-6363 Non-emergency- (414) 288-6800 Emergency- (414) 288-1911

27 Collaboration Milwaukee Police Department District 3 Community Prosecution Unit

28 Marquette University Medical Clinic

29 Medical Clinic SE corner of Schroeder Complex Hours: – Mon. – Wed. 8:00 am - 5 pm – Thu. 9:30 am – 5pm – Fri. 8:00 am - 4 pm Appointment based system – 414-288-7184 or Webportal – Same day appts available


31 Medical Clinic Primary/urgent care clinic for students Staffed by – M.D.s – Physician assistants – R.N.s – Medical Assistants – Laboratory technicians – Dietician

32 Medical Clinic Services Illness/Injury care Immunizations Laboratory tests I.V. fluids Allergy shots (as directed by your allergist) Physicals and T.B. testing Travel vaccines/meds Womens health care Mens health care Sports injuries Medication prescriptions Referrals to specialists

33 Medical Clinic Health fee (part of tuition and fees) covers: – Unlimited visits to the medical clinic for illness/injury – Core laboratory tests Rapid strep tests Mono tests Urinalysis Viral cultures – Self-care kits for cold/flu symptoms – ACE wraps/finger splints

34 Medical clinic Low cost/at cost: – Advanced lab tests – I.V. therapy – Orthopedic equipment – Physicals (requiring physician signatures) – Travel Clinic – Vaccines

35 Medical Clinic Health Insurance Medical clinic does not bill insurance – Itemized receipts for items not covered by the student health fee Need health insurance coverage for: – Off campus outpatient care/specialists – Emergency/urgent care services Ask your private health insurance carrier What is the out-of-network coverage? Copy of health insurance card for student

36 Optional Insurance Plan Student injury and sickness insurance plan University-sponsored group plan for students Administered by American Management Advisors Underwritten by Nationwide Life Insurance Co

37 Medical Clinic After-hours care – NurseDirect hotline 855-839-5121 – Aurora Sinai Emergency Room (12 th and Kilbourn) – Columbia/St Marys Urgent Care (734 N. Jackson)

38 Medical Clinic Immunization policy in effect Proof of immunization and/or disease, as applicable, is required for – MMR, Chicken Pox and Tetanus/Diphtheria. TB Screening Questionnaire Non-compliance= registration hold! Forms are at

39 Flu Shots Flu Clinics start in September and continue thru October – Sept 30 th AMU is the first one Also available at the Medical Clinic and during Family Weekend (Oct 5) $20 – Flu gift cards

40 The Parent Perspective is an online monthly magazine brought to you by The Marquette University Medical Clinic and the Counseling Center. Issues cover a wide variety of college health and wellness topics. Orientation issue is out!

41 Counseling Center

42 Counseling Center at MU Confidential Free to full time enrolled students See about 8-10% of student population in scheduled appointments No wait list, even during peak utilization Staff of psychologists, social workers, counselors, a psychiatrist and advanced level trainees

43 Counseling Center & the Campus Community Consultation Crisis response Outreach and education Stress reduction programming for students (midterms and finals)

44 Counseling Center Services Location: Holthusen Hall, Room 204 (Varsity Theater) Hours: M-F 8AM-4:30 PM Contact us: 414.288.7172 or walk in Who we are What we do – Outpatient services – Crisis/on call Learn more about us at:

45 Counseling Center Location and hours: – Open M-F, 8 am-4:30 pm – Phone: 414-288-7172 – Location: Holthusen Hall, Room 204 What we do: – Outpatient services – Crisis/on-call services Who we see: – Mental health concerns – Psychosocial concerns – Adjustment

46 Office of Student Development

47 Location: AMU 121 & 329 O-Fest: Thursday, August, 29 th 5-7 pm Central Mall Student Involvement Clubs & Organizations Student Government Service Vocation & Leadership Greek Life

48 Who Will You Be At Marquette? Campus Safety & Health Seminar

49 Questions? Campus Safety & Health Seminar

50 Family Orientation 2013

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