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AHS IV Trivia Game McCreary Centre Society

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1 AHS IV Trivia Game McCreary Centre Society

2 Surveys in 1992, 1998, 2003 and 2008 Almost 30,000 students in Grades 7-12 completed the survey in 2008 50 of BC’s 59 school districts participated 147 questions on physical and emotional health, risk behaviours and protective factors

3 A.8% B.18% C.28% Q.1 BC Youth

4 A.75% B.55% C.35% Q.2 Home & Family

5 A.76% B.56% C.36% Q.3 Home & Family

6 A.About 1 in 100 B.About 1 in 50 C. About 1 in 10 Q.4 Home & Family

7 A.84% B. 64% C. 44% Q.5 Physical Health

8 A.Thought or hoped the problem would go away B.Afraid of what the doctor would say or do C.Didn’t want my parents to know D.Afraid someone I know might see me Q.6 Physical Health

9 A.True B.False Q.7 Injuries

10 A.12 years or younger B. 14 years old C. 16 years old D.18 years old Q. 8 Injuries

11 A.12 years or younger B.14 year olds C.16 year olds D.18 year olds Q.9 Injurie s

12 A.Increased B.Decreased C.Stayed the same Q.10 Injuries

13 A.About 1 in 10 B.About 1 in 5 C.About 1 in 2 Q.11 Nutrition

14 A.33% B.53% C.73% Q.12 Weight & Body Image

15 A. 11% B. 31% C. 51% Q.13 Weight & Body Image

16 A.13 year olds B.15 year olds C.17 year olds Q.14 Mental & Emotional Health

17 A. Up B.Down Q.15 Mental & Emotional Health

18 A.True B. False Q,16 Smoking

19 A. 8% B.28% C.48% Q.17 Smoking

20 A. True B. False Q.18 Substance Use

21 A.14% B.44% C.74% Q.19 Substance Use

22 A. Not being able to remember what they had done B.Passing out C.Family and relationship problems D.All of the above E.None of the above Q.20 Substance Use

23 A.2% B.12% C.22% Q.21 Substance Use

24 A.Increased B.Decreased Q.22 Substance Use

25 A.78% B.48% C.18% Q.23 Sexual Behavior

26 A.86% B.56% C.26% Q.24 Sexual Behavior

27 A. True B. False Q.25 Sexual Behavior

28 A. Increased B. Decreased C. Stayed the same Q.26 Sexual Behavior

29 A. 14 year olds B. 16 year olds C. 18 year olds Q.27 Sexual Behavior

30 A. Increased B. Decreased C. Stayed the same Q.28 Abuse & Violence

31 A.13% B.33% C.63% Q.29 Abuse & Violence

32 A. 4% B. 24% C. 44% Q.30 Abuse & Violence

33 A.Increased B. Decreased C. Stayed the same Q.31 Abuse & Violence

34 A.8% B.18% C.38% Q.32 Abuse & Violence

35 A. True B. False Q.33 School & Work

36 A. Washroom B. Classroom C. Cafeteria D. Hallways E. Library F. Outside on school property Q.34 School & Work

37 A. 21% B. 41% C. 61% Q.35 School & Work

38 A. Males B. Females Q.36 Sports & Leisure Activities

39 A. 2% B. 32% C. 62% Q.37 Sports & Leisure Activities

40 A. 30% B. 60% C. 90% Q.38 Sports & Leisure Activities

41 A.True B.False Q.39 Sports & Leisure Activities

42 A.Less binge drinking B.Less fighting and weapon carrying C.Less thoughts of suicide D.Better health E. All of the above F. None of the above Q. 40 Protective Factors

43 A. Binge drinking B. Poor health C. Carrying a weapon D. Getting in a fight E. Having suicidal thoughts F. All of the above G. None of the above 41. Protective Factors

44 A.More B.Less C.Equally 42. Protective Factors

45 Top marks  Most BC youth are in good or excellent health  Serious injuries have declined  More students are wearing a seatbelt than in 2003  Fewer youth are smoking  For the first time since 1992, the percentage of youth who seriously thought about suicide decreased  Fewer youth are using alcohol and marijuana

46 Room for improvement  1 in 8 students did not access medical care when they thought they needed it  Most youth reported feeling some stress or pressure in the past 30 days  1 in 5 females had contact with a stranger on the Internet who made them feel unsafe  More youth reported using prescription pills without a doctor’s consent than in 2003

47 Room for improvement  Many students continue to face harassment and discrimination  At least half of youth did not eat the recommended daily portions of fruits and vegetables  Lots of youth who are a healthy weight think they need to lose or gain weight  1 in 10 students go to bed hungry because there is not enough money to buy food

48 Results of the Adolescent Health Survey are available in a series of youth friendly fact sheets at:

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